Rosh Hashanah in Uman: How do Hasidim celebrate New Year? - photo, video

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The celebration lasts for the second day in a row, the situation in the city is stable and controlled by law enforcement agencies
19:54, 7 September 2021

Hasidim celebrate New Year in Uman
Radio Liberty

Bratslav Hasidim from Israel, the United States, Canada, Western Europe and other countries are coming to Uman to celebrate the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah. This year the celebration falls on September 6-8.

A small town in Cherkasy region attracts pilgrims, bacuse the tomb of tzaddik Nachman, one of the founders of Bratslav Hasidism, is located there. Believers are convinced that each of them should visit this place at least once in their life. It is believed that if you celebrate the New Year at Nachman's grave, it will be happier and more successful..

Pilgrims gather in sectors to their synagogues, and the city also has centralized canteens. More tourists are expected this year, as last year there were strict restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Police patrol the streets, both Ukrainian and Israeli. In 2021, public order will be maintained by more than 600 joint police officer units and more than 200 members of the National Guard. On September 5, eleven law enforcement officers arrived in Uman from Israel to help their Ukrainian colleagues.

We tell how the Jewish New Year is celebrated in Uman, and show the latest photos and videos.

Photos on the Jewish New Year celebration night

Thousands of pilgrims met Rosh Hashanah with dances and songs in Uman. They changed into clean white clothes, recited prayers during the celebration and blew the shofar. After that, the Hasidim continued to celebrate at the tables. More photos of yesterday's festivities are published by Suspilne Cherkasy.

Hasidim lit a fire on balcony to fry kebabs

On September 7, the foot patrol rescuers of Emergency Service in Uman noticed smoke from a balcony of the house on Sofia Perovska Street. On the 6th floor, rescuers used a fire extinguisher to stop the fire at the barbecue area and explained to citizens that it is forbidden to light fire on the balconies.

Hasidim lit a fire on balcony to fry kebabs
The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Scandal with tourist tax of 11 dollars

A tourist tax is collected In Uman, for foreigners it is $11 for each day of stay, provided that the person lives in a private house and $5.6 - if one lives in an officially registered hotel that pays taxes.

This year, the Uman City Council has set up a commission for fee payment, which includes municipal guards and tax agents. They go around the houses and hotels where the Hasidim live, and one can pay the fee to the tax agent in cash. They have cash registers and issue a receipt for payment. If the owner of an unregistered hostel or private house does not ask a receipt from the tourists, the commission obliges him to pay a fee for them.

However, not all apartment owners want to pay, there was a small scandal, as Obozrevatel reports. Local authorities together with law enforcement officers hold raids, forcing apartment owners to pay for each Hasidean. The pilgrims refused to pay more and it caused a scandal in the city.

Over 29,000 Hasidim have already arrived

More than 29,000 Hasidim pilgrims arrived in Uman to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, according to police.

Hasidim pilgrims arrived in Uman
Press service of the National Police

Ritual dive into the quarry: Rescuers keep guard

On the eve of the New Year, ritual immersion in open water is a special activity for the Hasidim. In Uman, such religious events are traditionally held in the local flooded quarry and the Megommeter pond.

The divers of the Emergency Service and doctors are watching over the site, at any moment ready to respond professionally to the danger and provide qualified assistance.

Queues to the tomb of Tzaddik Nachman

On the evening of September 6, a lot of people came to the places of pilgrimage, it was impossible to get inside the building where the grave of Rabbi Nachman is located, however, not everyone manages to get there.

Queues to the tomb of Tzaddik Nachman


On September 1 - 4, the police received 22 reports of events related to Hasidic pilgrims.

An Israeli citizen who violated the terms of the stay in Ukraine was made to forcibly return to the country of citizenship.

Another foreigner's stay in Ukraine was restricted due to public order violations and minor hooliganism.

Police also recorded the fact of trade of prohibited items, investigators confiscated prohibited items from a 29-year-old man from Uman: two stun guns in the form of lanterns, 12 knives, 6 wooden clubs.

New Year's prayers began in the largest synagogue

Prayers have started in the largest synagogue in Ukraine (it is estimated that the synagogue has seats for about 7,000 people), according to the United Jewish Community of Ukraine. Bratslav Hasidim took their places in the synagogue and prayed.

Hasidim pray in the largest synagogue in Ukraine

It is also reported that more than 10,000 people gathered in Uman for the most massive prayer. The event passed quietly.

What is happening on the streets (photos, videos)

The celebration of Rosh Hashanah is just beginning now on the streets of Uman.

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