Revival party Chairman presents strategy for Ukraine's development

Source : 112 Ukraine

The strategy is entitled "The Ukraine's path"
16:48, 20 April 2018

Ukraine’s political party Revival crafted a strategy for Ukraine’s development named ”The Ukraine’s path”, as Viktor Bondar, the Chairman of the party, stated during his speech at the 7th political forces conference in Kyiv.

According to him, Ukrainian authorities have not proposed an exact strategy of the economic growth over the past four years. The memorandum with the IMF is the only way to the economic development.

“Therefore, we have disastrous consequences for the state. The government’s debt is already more than $76,9 billion or 70% GPD. The GDP index reduced by 48%, to $95,4 billion in 2017. Hryvnia is three times cheaper, the prices increased in 2,2 times, the states’ social transfers is falling behind the inflation by 50% since 2014. The utility tariffs, which were increased at the IMF’s request, “beat” Ukrainians and Ukrainian industry. This list is quite long! We do not support such government’s policy, we are the only political force in the Parliament to demand changes. Therefore, we have worked out a new economic strategy for Ukraine,” Viktor Bondar said.

He stressed that the aim of the strategy is to protect domestic manufacturers, to develop the industry and to form the incentives to increase Ukrainian export.

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“The strategy “Ukraine’s path” is based on a simple idea which is supported by more and more Ukrainians: our state shouldn’t be blindly and implicitly guided by the advice of the international creditors, our international partners. Ukraine has to follow its own path, basing on the internal sources and national interests. The core of the strategy is self-reliance and resources, politics should depend on the economic interests. The economic growth should be the state’s priority. Ukraine has to refuse the external leadership and governance. We will have to think about how to earn money, not about where to borrow it!” the Chairman of the party said.

He also stated that the Revival party has documented a series of bills in the Verkhovna Rada to implement the strategy. The bills are aimed at the creation of the incentives to revive Ukraine’s industry.

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“It’s high time to stop sacrificing relevant economic interests for the geopolitical fantasies. We shouldn’t search for a “big brother” or a patron. We have to look for the markets for Ukrainian products. If we want to live like people in Europe do, we have to build up Europe in our country. Our task is to reach annual increase of the GDP by 7-10%. We are ready to gather people with common sense around these ideas of economic growth in Ukraine. People ready to put aside empty illusions, economically unreasonable hopes and work towards real revival of Ukraine’s economy,” the Chairman of the party stressed.

As it was reported earlier, Revival, the political party, announced that they were going to participate in the presidential and parliamentary elections at its 7th conference.

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