Restaurant mafia: Crony "family" of Lviv mayor Sadovy

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Six years ago, Yanukovych left Ukraine. However, his deeds did not die, as well as the deeds of his Lviv companion live
17:21, 21 February 2020

Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy
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Under the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, the “institution of underbosses” has become familiar to the Ukrainians. The so-called underbosses were everywhere: at every state-owned enterprise, in every state authority and in every region. Their only task was to enrich the boss and his "family." And they did not care about the consequences.

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Six years ago, Yanukovych left Ukraine. However, his deeds did not die, as well as the deeds of his Lviv companion live. But first things first.

In 2007, a small restaurant "Diana’s" appeared on the Market Square in Lviv. And for 13 years a huge "Holding of emotions! FEST" grew out of it.

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Now there are already 20 restaurants: “Pravda” Beer Theater, “Arsenal” Ribs, P'yana Vyshnia, Gasova Lyampa, Dzyga, Kryivka, “Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy” Coffee Manufacture, Lviv chocolate Manufacture, Lvivski Pliatsky, Masoch-Cafe, Naydorozhcha Restoratsia Halychyny, Lviv grilling restaurant of meat and justice, Pohsta na Drukarskiy, Pstrug, Khlib, Vyno, “Bilya Diany na Rynky” coffee room, Grand cafe Leopolis, Opera underground, Duzhe vysoka kuhnya, Dim lehend.

In addition, there is a network of food stores throughout Lviv, several clothing stores, hotels, a tourist and even a construction company: COFFEE FEST MISSION, ! FEST-hotel, a city in the city - a huge club on the site of the factory! FEST Republic , Honcharnua na Znesinni Patterchykiv, Vedavnytstvo Staroho Leva The School of Artistic and unindifferent, Just Lviv It! travel company, Just Lviv It! apartments, Just Lviv It! tram with souvenirs, Kvіtka construction company, Dva Kroky vid Khaty a network of stores, Dіdo food store, Aviatsiya Halychyny chain of clothing stores, refectory in Ukrainian Catholic University, Confectionery on Lemkivska, Milk Cooperative, Sito Mini-cafe and Bratvanka bakery.

In a strange way, the growth of this business empire coincided with the growth of the political career of Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy. Having assumed the post of mayor in 2006, he recruited advisers (many people with "interesting" ties). In particular, the press secretary of Pora public platform Yuriy Nazaruk. For the year he founded the holding! FEST. Together with two partners - Dmytro Herasimov and Andriy Khudo. The latter, by the way, is also a member of the supervisory board of Galnaftogaz, which belongs to Vitaliy Antonov, a long-time associate, and financier of Sadovy.

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The development of “!Fest” coincided with the way Sadovy turned Lviv from the city of Lviv into a city for tourists. How cultural monuments began to disappear from the streets of Lviv, and valuable premises in its historical part began to disappear from the property of the city.

"Fest!" is a bulldozer that destroys history

Throughout its activities, the company was marked by a number of scandals. In particular, the illegal seizure of land. This also happened in the room on Rynok Square, 10 (the institution "Lvivska kopalnya kavy").

This building is the premises of the Lubomyrsky Palace, a former bookstore and the Museum of Furniture. Despite all the prohibitions and without permits, “!Fest” has built a huge pavilion in the yard of the building.

Andriy Sadovy in the yard of institution "Lvivska kopalnya kavy"

Another scandal is connected with huge bathtubs and washbasins that “! FEST” simply attached to the facade of the house on Serbska Street in August 2013. Such scenery caused outrage among the residents of Lviv. And then it also became clear that the authorities did not provide the company approvals for the installation of these structures.

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Illegal scenery from the house should have been dismantled by October 2013. However, they were dismantled only in 2014 after a court decision.

Constituency surgery among fried meat

Another scandalous unauthorized construction is the seizure of the Bernardine yard on the Valova street. "! Fest" has illegally erected a restaurant there.

July 15, 2010 "! Fest" received permission to place an open summer platform of ​​196.1 square meters on the street. The permit was valid until November 1, 2012. After a lawsuit, the court allowed the squatter to be located there.

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And in order to protect the institution from demolition, the company managers came up with a fantastic thing - they equipped constituency surgery of MP from the ruling Petro Poroshenko’s faction Volodymyr Ariev right in the restaurant ... near the washroom. Later MP Ariev confirmed that this was his constituency surgery.

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Fried ribs on the place where the Poles tortured the Cossacks

One of the most popular establishments of !Fest is “Arsenal” Ribs. The institution is located on the territory of the museum, and in fact, the museum should be there. But it didn’t work out.

So, the entire Arsenal, including the basement where the “Arsenal” Ribs is located, belongs to the Lviv Regional Council, which since 2011 has been renting this room for only 20 thousand UAH (800 USD). The tenant is Halytska Knaipa LLC, registered for the sister of the wife of former deputy of the Lviv City Council from the National Front Andriy Yakymiv. According to the director of the Arsenal Museum, the lessee promised to create an interactive weapons museum together with the restaurant.

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But it didn’t work out either: Halytska Knaipa LLC transferred the premises to the “! Fest”. At first, there was a nightclub, and now “Arsenal” Ribs restaurant is located there.

Department store for a low price

The most scandalous thing in Lviv was the sale of the premises of the former department store on Rynok Square 32. Now the “Pravda” Beer Theater is located there. This room was evenly owned by the Lviv City Council and the Lviv Regional Council. In 2013, Lviv City Council sold its part to “Na Rynku” Lviv department store.

The department store was bought by Oleksiy Kurylyshyn - husband of Sadovy’s crony, his adviser since 2006 and one of his first media business managers. Property assessment was carried out by another relative of the mayor, the husband of his own sister - Andriy Sarakhmanevych.

Ultimately, the city council sold it at a ridiculous price – 439 USD per 1 square meter.

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Sadovy has a whole “family!”

Another friend and crony of Andriy Sadovy is Patro Sobol. As investigators of the ZIK TV channel told earlier, once this man worked with Sadovy in the infamous company Halytsky Investments, which at one time had deceived depositors for a huge amount. Also, a criminal case was opened against him on the theft of 6,100 USD, which they should have spent on laying concrete on bicycle paths. However, the case was never considered in full, since the plaintiff, according to the explanations of Sobol, did not appear for interrogation and in court.

Subsequently, Sobol became the founder and owner of a number of enterprises in Lviv, in particular, Art Gloria LLC, Shakespeare restaurant, state-of-the-art PE KS and others.

The next crony of the Lviv mayor is Andriy Fedorenko. He was not attracted to the restaurant mafia, but, as the media noted, they made it possible to arrange a number of deals with the purchase of trams for Lviv at inflated prices, as a result of which the city lost 80,000 USD.

And one more crony is Vitaliy Lomakovych. He was one of the sponsors of the Sadovy election campaign in 2006. He is one of the first advisers to Andriy Sadovy as mayor of Lviv. He is the former president of the Optima group of companies and the director of the Bank of Moscow, in which Sadovy kept Lviv’s money on deposit without the agreement of deputies. He is the controller of the Astoria Hotel - the former Kyiv Hotel in the very center of Lviv.

As you know, the Bank of Moscow is a branch of the Russian financial VTB group, which in turn built the BankHotel in the center of Lviv. Andriy Sadovy was personally involved in the organization of this project; he was promoting it and his owner, the KGB emproyee, Vyacheslav Yutkin in his media.

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Moscow oligarchs have also developed real family relationships with Andriy Sadovy. We are talking about Igor Churkin, the famous businessman and nephew of Russian diplomat Vitaliy Churkin. Security Service has banned him from entering Ukraine for 5 years for anti-Ukrainian activities. However, Sadovy, despite this, remained faithful: last year, as part of a scam around the Lviv Bus Plant, secretly paid 817,000 USD from the budget of Lviv.

Investigating the aforementioned abuses, the journalists of the NTA TV channel even exposed the watching Churkin in the Lviv city council - Deputy Director of the Department of Housing and Public Utilities and Infrastructure Andriy Bily.

From the investigation it became known that Leonid Bily’s father lives in occupied Crimea and he is a member of Putin’s “United Russia”, in 2014 and 2016 he ran for pseudo-elections in the Russian government in Crimea. Andriy Bily himself admitted in an interview that his father lives in Crimea, but stressed that he "does not discuss political issues with him."

Well, another Moscow companion of Andriy Sadovy is oligarch Mikhail Fridman. He is the founder of Alfa Group, one of the financial pillars of modern Russia and the 23rd number on the US sanctions list of people closest to Putin. He is also a co-founder and long-standing sponsor of the Alfa Jazz Fest music festival.

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Soon another item joins this restaurant mafia - a fast-food restaurant of the international KFC chain.  It will be opened by the Kharkiv company DTS-Kharkiv, which belongs to the odious chairman of the Samopomich Association faction in the Kharkiv city council Taras Sitenko. His local media previously suspected of tax evasion and the withdrawal of capital abroad.

Can such a large business empire work correctly without an underdog? Andriy Sadovy has found a concrete person for this –  ex-MP from Samopomich Serhiy Kiral.

Article by Yana Fedyura

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