Rampant regions on lockdown: Hilarious news from Ukraine

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Have a peek at Ukrainian life by reading some news only locals would know
21:34, 2 February 2021

Carton Elon Musk in Zhytomyr, Ukraine
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We invite you to read some funny (and not so much) news from Ukrainian regions on quarantine that occurred over the past week due to coronavirus.

Cardboard Elon Mask toured Zhytomyr city, Ukraine

A cardboard figure of American billionaire and founder of SpaceX Elon Musk was taken on a tour to Serhiy Korolyov Museum of Cosmonautics in Zhytomyr. The idea came to local activists after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invited Musk to personally visit the museum.

Locals who staged such a tour believe that the first thing that would surprise Musk is the lack of internet in some parts of the city.

Carton Elon Musk in Zhytomyr
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Carton Elon Musk was also brought to the Deputy Chairman of Zhytomyr Regional Council, where he confidently stated that the city is ready to receive star guests.


Ternopil resident called an ambulance after he saw his reflection in the mirror after a drinking bout

On January 26, in the morning an ambulance crew came to a 44-year-old man due to acute alcohol intoxication.

He said he had been drinking for four days. On the fifth, looked at his reflection in the mirror and got frightened, because, according to him, his face was completely distorted.

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Doctors diagnosed the man with facial nerve neuralgia. After providing the necessary assistance, the man was released home for rehabilitation.


"Instead of a 60-meter roll, not even 50 meters": Chernivtsi utility services canceled tender for the purchase of toilet paper

Toilet paper tender cancelled in Chernivtsi meme

In Bukovyna, Kalynivsky Rynok utility company wanted to buy some toilet paper and napkins. And to make sure that the product will meet all the requirements, suppliers were asked to provide a sample of the product.

Subsequently, the tender committee issued a protocol rejecting the proposal.

"Toilet paper is gray, the length of the paper roll in accordance with the technical specification and participant's proposal is 60 m, while the actual length of the roll is 49.5 m, which does not meet the specifications," the statement said.

ProZorro noted that the requirement to provide product samples was in fact discriminatory.

"And the law does not stipulate grounds for rejecting an offeror who provided a low-quality sample of goods. Therefore, the utility company Kalynivsky Rynok took advantage of the fact that it is not a customer in the sense of the law. But this did not save the purchase: yesterday the offer of the last participant was rejected", the press service stated.


Coffee grounds will be used to fight ice in Lviv

Coffee grouts will be used to fight ice in Lviv
Lviv City Council

Lviv want to use coffee grounds to fight ice instead of salt solutions and sand.

The initiative belongs to the adviser Lviv Mayor Iryna Orshak. According to her, coffee grounds do not harm the soil and can even be useful for green spaces.

For now, this initiative will be undergoing experimental trials. They plan to receive coffee grounds free of charge from the city's coffee shops.

The properties of coffee grounds in the fight against icing will be tested in the Park '700th anniversary of Lviv.'

The author of the initiative believes that there is no need to remove the coffee grounds after use. The janitors will simply sweep it wherever there is vegetation, and it will serve as a kind of fertilizer.


Kryvyi Rih police sold stolen jewelry seized from a thief

Kryvyi Rih police sold stolen jewelry seized from a thief
State Bureau of Investigations

In May 2019, two police officers detained a 34-year-old apartment thief in Kryvyi Rih. At the time of the arrest, the thief had already sold part of the stolen gold jewelry, and gave one gold chain to his friend as a present.

The police quickly found the sold gold jewelry, but did not rush to return it to the hostess. They agreed with the thief to sell jewelry to a currency dealer they knew in the local market and divide the money between the three of them.

School director in Zaporizhzhia took school notebooks to a pawnshop

In the village of Yakymivka of Zaporozhzhia region, a 49-year-old director of an educational institution handed over school laptops to a pawnshop, and appropriated the money she received in the amount of about 1960 dollars (55,000 UAH).

The Prosecutor's Office has already sent the indictment against the director to the court. Now tshe faces up to five years in prison.


Underground passage in Kyiv painted as a prison corridor

Underground passage in Kyiv painted as a prison corridor

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