Protocol of Covid-19 treatment in Ukraine has a blindspot

Source : 112 Ukraine

Composing the protocol, Ukraine’s Health Ministry did not include antiviral drugs for early and mild stages of the coronavirus infection
18:14, 17 July 2020

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Official WHO representatives and Ukrainian medics repeatedly criticized the official protocol of treatment of the coronavirus infection confirmed by the Health Ministry of Ukraine.

Apart from the intension of the protocol with ‘heavy’ drugs like Plaquenil with a lot of side effects and unconfirmed action against the coronavirus. There is one more reason for the critic of the document. The medical practitioners noted that there is a defect present in the treatment pattern of the Health Ministry and it is not changed in five months as reported.

Particularly, the issue is about the absence of therapy, including antiviral, at the early and mild stages of the disease. In practice, it often leads to the progress of the disease from the mild to serious and critical states, including those that need intensive care.

It is noted that the effect during the treatment of the acute respiratory viral infection (coronavirus is included in the acute respiratory viral infection type) directly depends on the timely use of the anti-viral drugs for reduction of the viral load that grows at the first stage in a few days after the infection. If the virus is not prevented at this state – it proceeds to the severe stages in the form of the complications.

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The identical regularities and algorithms are relevant during the coronavirus infection: the therapy should be started in the period of time when the viral load continues to grow.

However, the protocol of the Health Ministry does not even mention the initial stage of the Covid-19. The officials found excuses that “the drug against Covid-19 coronavirus does not exist”.

Meanwhile, over 20 anti-viral drugs are registered in Ukraine with indication: prevention and treatment of the acute respiratory viral infection. However, the Health Ministry of Ukraine, in spite of the international practice, did not initiate the clinical trials of these drugs to try to extract the actual substance that might influence the coronavirus.

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The journalists explain this strategic mistake by the fact that the Health Ministry involved only non-major specialists in the composition of the protocol – there is no virologist or representative of the profile scientific institutes among the signers of the protocol of the Covid-19 treatment.

The indicial fact is that the local protocol of Covid-19 treatment of the Virology Institute named after Hromashevsky provides antiviral therapy at the early stages of the disease unlike the protocol of the Health Ministry. Such an approach is shown by over 100 clinics where one of the domestic antiviral drugs is used.

The official protocol of Covid-19 treatment with the absence of antiviral therapy at the early stages of the diseases, in fact, means peculiar ‘invitation to the intensive care’ as the journalists concluded.

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As of early July 17, 57,264 cases of Covid-19 infection have been confirmed in Ukraine. Over the last 24 hours, doctors reported another 809 new cases. The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reported that on Friday.

1,456 people (+11 per day) passed away due to the disease since the pandemic reached the country. 29,769 people managed to recover (+838 per day).

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