Principle 'Offshore is disgrace’ changed to 'no problem': Razumkov's last speech as Verkhovna Rada Speaker

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Finally, Dmytro Razumkov expressed hope that the parliament will remain a parliament, and people in it will remain human
12:45, 7 October 2021

Dmytro Razumkov
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Full text of Dmytro Razumkov's last speech as Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada. You can watch the online broadcast of the plenary session HERE.

"Once again, good afternoon, dear colleagues. I will not dwell much on the report now, it was sent to everyone in the morning. I have always allowed everyone to speak from this rostrum, and I want to be given this right today. Listen to me, please, and then everyone in this room can make their choice.

I will tell you about Ukraine of my dreams, Ukraine, where fireworks are fired only at weddings and birthdays, where doctors and teachers receive real wages, and corrupt people - real terms, where only the Carpathian forests are privileged, not the parliamentarians of Ukraine, where grandmothers receive a decent pension, not a heart attack from utility bills, where there are roads and no fools. This is Ukraine of a real dream. Ukraine of a near future. Ukraine, which our children will not leave.

I remind you all: this is part of our 2019 election program. Beautiful, sincere, true words and principles which we took to people in 2019. And objectively, everyone believed them - both those who watch us on TV today, and those who sit in this hall, and even those who did not vote for us. You and I did not come here for positions, much less for money. We came to change the country, to make it different, to make it better because we all sincerely believed in that. I remember how the eyes of those people who joined the team were shining, I remember that very well. I remember the eyes of people on the streets, at the meetings, on air, how they believed us, believed us completely. It was a blind belief that we can succeed. Everything will work out because we are new, honest, right, fair, different. Because we are not like them.

Unfortunately, today I see different eyes in this hall. And people's eyes have also changed a lot. They have become different. All this time I have been trying to make at least some of these promises a reality. Not with good names and slogans, which often hide wrong, illegal things, but with reality. However, if we go back to the principles, the principle of democracy we came with, the right of the people, became the principle of power of the majority, the rule of law changed to political expediency, the right to one's own position and freedom of speech changed to the principle of "one who is not with us is against us." The principle of "one law for all" became the principle of "everything for friends, law for enemies." And the principle that offshore is a disgrace for the authorities has become the principle of "no problem, every individual entrepreneur has them."

There is a lot of dirt today. I never went with the flow, in 2019 I did not do it and I will not do it today. No position is worth losing self-respect, dignity, and, most importantly, it does not worth losing people's trust.

In the event of any storms and tempests, the Ukrainian parliament must remain the safeguard it has been in our history and a point of balance. It will depend on each of you, I repeat, on each one. There will be no collective responsibility, there will be a responsibility only before the country and the people. What our country will be like in the future is personal responsibility. Regardless of who is the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, the parliament must remain a subjective institution. Subjective. Otherwise, it is a path to the loss of democracy, to the usurpation of power, and to the loss of parliamentarism. Please remember this.

My principles have not changed, my values are the same as they were. There is also a desire and strength to prove to people that they were not wrong about everyone. I am sure that there will be enough such people in this hall as well. It's always hard to get up and go against the system, always. The first step is the most difficult one. But if you know that this is the only right choice, it is always easy to do. I will finally remind you all: when we came to power, we said one thing: that we should become politicians, but remain human. Let's keep at least this promise.

Finally, thank you, colleagues, for your constructive, effective work over these two years. I hope the parliament will remain a parliament and the people in the parliament will remain human.

Earlier, it was reported that the Verkhovna Rada now considers the resignation of Dmytro Razumkov from the office of the speaker of parliament.

Dmytro Razumkov came to parliament from the presidential party Servant of the People. During the election, he was the chief political adviser and candidate Volodymyr Zelensky's staff spokesman.

From May to November 2019, he headed the party and later became the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada.

However, later Razumkov's and President's Office views began to differ little by little.

On September 30, the head of the Servant of the people faction Davyd Arakhamiya asked Dmytro Razumkov for signature letters for his resignation from the office of Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada.

At the congress of parliamentarians of the Servant of the People faction, which took place on October 1-3 in Truskavets, the lawmakers collected over 150 signatures for the resignation of Verkhovna Rada Chairman.

In turn, Razumkov invited Servant of the people parliamentarians to the faction meeting on Monday, October 4.

Servant of the people party said that there was no need for such a meeting.

On October 4, the Verkhovna Rada launched a procedure of recall of Dmytro Razumkov from the office of parliament's speaker.

Ruslan Stefanchuk is now a candidate for the seat of parliament's speaker and head of Servant of the people party Oleksandr Kornienko - for the office of first vice-speaker.

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