‘Precious’ work: International Jeweler's Day

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Many of us like jewelry. Buy, present, and simply look at it. Often the work of people, who have created this jewelry, is in the background. Today is the International Jeweler's Day. What do we know about them?
09:22, 31 January 2021

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January 31, the jewelers celebrate their professional holiday. Officially, its celebration started 13 years ago in 2008, after the holding of competition for young and starting jewelers in Tashkent.

This day is the possibility to congratulate and appreciate the work of people, who make our world a little bit more beautiful.

When jewelers appeared for the first time?

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The word ‘jeweler’ originates from the Turkic language and it means "a person who can engrave." The profession of the jeweler is one of the most ancient in the world.

Beads made of different seashells, necklaces made of fangs, stones with holes on leather strips are examples of jewel created by people in ancient times.

The homeland of the jewelry is ancient Greece. Exactly here, the stone carving originated, as well as jewels made of precious materials.

How do jewelers work?

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The profession of a jeweler includes the cutting and polishing of gemstones and metals, trace drawing of designs, and implementation of ideas.

There are some specialties in the profession of a jeweler:

  • jewelry fitter;
  • jewelry setter; 
  • filigree artists;
  • engravers;
  • chain masters;
  • artists;
  • gem cutters;
  • solders;
  • polishers;
  • enamellist;

The jewelers might work at different places: at small private shops and at large jewel factories. Besides, very often, the jewelers might be found in pawnshops, shops, and in expert bureaus.

The jewelers work with saw frames, rasps, solderer, drills, pliers, hammers, bitstocks, tweezers, and other tools.

Famous jewelers

Let’s remember some of the most recognizable names.

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First of all, it is, of course, Carl Fabergé. He is the founder of the ‘jewelry’ dynasty born in Saint Petersburg. His most recognizable works are Easter eggs.

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Charles Tiffany. The founder of American Tiffani Company. He is a creator of the first retail catalog of jewelry.

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Louis-François Cartier. He became famous for innovative ideas in abstract and futuristic styles.

Fast facts

The most ancient piece of jewelry is the Nassarius seashells. They were found at one of Morocco’s caves. They are above 80,000-year-old.

Gold and silver are too soft metals and the majority of the jewelry is made of alloys.

The most expensive gemstone is Alexandrite. It has a unique coloration: shades of green by daylight; lavender and crimson by artificial light.

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