Poroshenko’s interview becomes a wedge dividing him, Interior Minister and PM

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A word spoken is past recalling. And the 5th President of Ukraine knows it well now
15:09, 31 July 2019

5th President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

One would think that after the election comes a short time of peace, but Petro Poroshenko, the fifth president of Ukraine and the leader of the European Solidarity Party, thinks otherwise and inflates the fire with renewed vigor.

He gave a long interview to the Ukrainian Truth agency, in which everyone got a share of sand kicked in their faces: the National Police, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, and the MPs from the Servant of the People Party of Zelensky. And if Zelensky’s party members remain silent for now, the other two have already expressed themselves.

Poroshenko about the National Police

In fact, the conflict between Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Petro Poroshenko is not something new. Avakov has repeatedly stated that he is an “independent person,” as he spoke of the ex-president’s attempts to control him. Poroshenko himself expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the National Police from time to time, and it is subordinate to the Interior Minister. This time, he claimed that the security forces had been working against his European Solidarity Party.

“Can I state that there was work against us? There was. Police were working against us. Organized groups like that of Shariy, which were organized within the country, worked against us,” Poroshenko said in an interview, commenting on the preliminary results of early parliamentary elections.

Ukraine's Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and ex-President Petro Poroshenko
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Unfortunately, Poroshenko did not mention what this statement was grounded on. Of course, Arsen Avakov could not ignore this. He only needed 280 characters on Twitter to express his indignation.

“In an interview with Ukrainian Truth, Poroshenko lies shamelessly, justifying his defeat in the elections by saying that “there was police work.” The police, as the Ministry of Internal Affairs in general, did not work for him, but worked for fair elections, for Ukraine! But for Poroshenko, lying is like breathing - and that is why he loses!” Interior Minister wrote.  

After a while, Avakov added to his statement on Facebook page, where he said that all the positive changes in Ukraine had not happened thanks to Poroshenko, but in spite of him. Avakov noted that Poroshenko had to take responsibility for his actions.

“Though it is wrong to “end” him arbitrarily and it is impossible. It is important not to allow some zealous people to do it. But he has to answer for what he did, for all I care,” Avakov summed up.   

Poroshenko about PM Groysman

The issue of the election, of course, was given a special place in the interview, as well as the parties competing with European Solidarity. However, the former president paid special attention to the figure of Volodymyr Groysman.

“Listen, we had a common political fate. He was the fourth on my party list. Our political force nominated him for the speaker. Our political force nominated him for the prime minister. The end of my term of office as a president concludes the first stage when everyone can choose further life. Did Volodymyr have the right to make this choice? He had. Do I approve this choice? No, I don’t,” Poroshenko said.

However, it did not end at that, followed by the words about Groysman’s political suicide, which were already spread around by the media:   

“I believe that, from a political point of view, it was a suicide. Does he have the right to make this choice? Obviously, yes. Life showed whether he had been right or not. And believe me, this is absolutely sincere,” the fifth president added. 

5th president of Ukraine Poroshenko and PM Groysman

Although Poroshenko noted he was not angry with the prime minister and wishes him all the best, Volodymyr Groysman could not hold back on commenting on this matter.  

“I read the interview of Petro Poroshenko for Ukrainian Truth. It seems, he did not learn from all that happened lately. Unfortunately, he did not understand why I did not go to the elections with him. In fact, there is a big difference between truth and lies, serving the state and people and creating schemes of their own enrichment, democracy and the usurpation of power, the pursuit of money and moral values," Groysman wrote.   

He also noted that it was exactly because of the approaches of the ex-president that he was unable to realize all that he had planned to do as a prime minister.

“I regret that he sacrificed a big hope and support of people for his private interests. Finally, I also could not realize all that I had intended to do because of his approaches. And that’s why we go separate ways. He is left behind. However, I am sure that Ukraine has is it all ahead,” Groysman added.

Looking at this, it is hard to believe that Poroshenko, Avakov, and Groysman have long been linked by working relationship, as Avakov became Interior Minister in the distant 2014, and Groyman took the office of PM in 2016.

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