Pornhub 2019 annual review release

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2019’s hottest trends, terms, searches, and a recap of everything that happened this year
09:32, 18 December 2019

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In 2019, Pornhub was visited 42 billion times. That is approximately 115 million visits per day.

Over 6.8 million videos, the total duration of which is 169 years, were uploaded to the site over the year.

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That is, as the guys from Pornhub hinted that if you started watching them back in 1850, you would continue to watch them until now.

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Amateurs won. This is not surprising, especially if someone uses the video as a teaching aid for research purposes.

Interestingly, aliens are second on request. That is, humanity, apparently, is actively preparing for the fact that there is more than one in the universe.

Or it may be connected with the recent topic of the assault on Zone 51. Then, in September, many people decided that it was time to save the aliens languishing in the CIA dungeons and arrived in Nevada.

POV closes the top-three. This is a first-person video. The main thing here is that the authors of such videos should not have guessed to start shooting short versions from the "first-person" ending with the words "Let's stay friends" or "You are dear to me as a friend", well, and various variations.

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The leaders are also: Belle Delphine, Cosplay, Mature, Bisexual, Apex Legends (computer game), ASMR (videos that evoke pleasant sensations, for example, soft rustling or rustling pages), and femdom (female domination).

Belle Delphine is an English online personality, most notable for her glamour and cosplay modeling on Instagram.

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She became widely known after taking bath and selling bottles of water after bathing.

The most interesting thing is that Belle is not a porn actress. Once she wrote on Instagram a post, promising to create a Pornhub account if the post gains a million likes.

Naturally, the post scored the required amount. And Belle kept her word. However, there is no indecent content in her account.

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The “Japanese” won, the hentai ranked the second, and the lesbian took third. There are still “Koreans” and “Asians” among the top five.

Top Actors

The 23-year-old Lana Rhodes (real name Amara Maple) won. I confirm that the victory is well-deserved.

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Amara assures that she grew up in a religious family in a small village. She graduated from high school, was a gymnast and a cheerleader. She later moved closer to Chicago, where she was a waitress.

And then went to work in a strip club and reached a debut in the porn industry.

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The second place belongs to Mia Khalifa, who had a short (2014-2015) career as a porn actress.

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Riley Reid comes third. She is 28, and, according to data for 2019, she starred in more than 800 films. So, when you get a feeling of tiredness from work, think about how others might get tired.

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The most popular male actor is Jordi El Nino Paula.

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Yes, the guy made a career, often playing in adult films of "nerds" and unsure personalities. That is, the blow came in a fairly high percentage of the site’s audience. Actually, playing on the contrast made him popular.

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Alex Adams comes second.

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Owen Gray is the third.

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You would ask me, where is the famous “bald guy” from Brazzers? And he is only the fourth.

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Top traffic by country

There is two news. First, Ukraine defeated Russia. The second - we still take fairly low places.

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Three leaders: USA, Japan, and the UK. Ukraine is only the sixteenth.

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Judging by the Pornhub report, the most popular day among users to watch porn is Sunday. And the most unpopular is Friday.

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Because, as popular wisdom says, Friday is for other things. For example, for alcohol. In any case, people are gaining strength and recovering these days in order to receive a charge on Sunday for the entire coming week.


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