Political friendship faltered: When Zelensky to kick out head of his office Bogdan?

Author : Andriy Holovachov

Source : 112 Ukraine

For three months now, Ukraine's President and the head of his office have been inseparable everywhere: in the office and on vacations
12:15, 28 August 2019

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Journalists do not cease to comment on the touching "friendship" of president Volodymyr Zelensky and head of his office Andriy Bogdan. For Ukrainian politics, where everyone hates each other, this is quite an unusual phenomenon. For three months now, they have been inseparable everywhere: in the office and on vacations.

However, on Independence Day, “friendship” faltered. The president was pushing the speech on the Independence Squarу, working his socks off, transforming from a comedian into a tragedian, then the head of his office had fun in St. Tropez at the wedding of Andriy Dovbenko, the Ministry of Justice underboss (according to Bigus Info).

However, this is not the first faux pas of "friendship", but the second one. The first was when the statement about the dismissal of Bogdan got leaked to the press, which in fact was the first manifestation of the difficult relationship between the president and the head of his office.

In order to understand the essence of the contradictions between them, it is necessary to understand how power is structured in Ukraine.

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In civilized democratic countries, all bureaucratic bodies of the state work independently. Politicians cannot interfere with the work of the officials. Our bureaucracy is not able to work independently, obeying the law only.

Yes, our laws might be interpreted in different ways and almost all laws contradict each other and do not comply with the Constitution.  All officials are well aware that they cannot manage their institutions independently, on the basis of laws, even if they wanted to. Exactly the same situation could be observed in the judicial system.

If the state bodies cannot work independently, on the basis of only laws, then to control the entire state machine it is necessary to create a certain governing body that will manually manage the entire system.

As a rule, such a body is the president and people close to him. A kind of deep state. Such a two-level management system was borrowed by Ukraine from the Soviet times. If we imagine for a moment that the Ukrainian political bureau ceases to control the state machine, then the chaos will quickly come in the country, because our bureaucracy is not capable of self-government without commands from above.

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This is how the whole state mechanism in Ukraine works in reality.

When Zelensky unexpectedly won the elections, he faced the full challenge of quickly forming his own office, which could take over the entire huge state apparatus. And time-pressed – inferior bodies demanded to take control over them and begin to distribute superior instructions. In these conditions, Zelensky, who simply did not have any experience of such management and did not have his own personnel, connections, acquaintances, knowledge, etc., simply had no other choice but to transfer the authority to form the presidential power vertical to Andriy Bogdan.

I have no doubt that Zelensky perfectly understands does this mean him – the transfer of control of the vertical of power to Bogdan. And the question is not that Bogdan would actually concentrate all real power in his hands. The problem is that Bogdan, most likely, cannot resist and will use this power for personal purposes. And this will seriously or even fatally affect the president’s rating.

What is Zelensky’s strategy under these conditions?

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I completely reject the idea that Zelensky had already agreed to the role of a puppet clown. Zelensky is by nature a very powerful and ambitious person. He would not tolerate Bogdan. Zelensky needs him only for the first 6-8 months.

Zelensky’s goal is to take control into his own hands, but he must be prepared for this, one must gain experience. That is why Zelensky is forced to portray a touching friendship with Bogdan.

These are the rules of the game in a country where the law does not work and all control is carried out manually. All that Zelensky can and must do is to remove all the watchers from Poroshenko and replace them with his own underbosses. If he does not do this, he will completely lose control and the country will be peddling. The bureaucracy will simply declare that "the king is not real," and will begin to search for a new king, and he will find it.

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Well, the people can only hope that the new people watching from Zelensky will be better, fairer and more honest than those Poroshenko’s underbosses.

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