Petition in support of 112 Ukraine, NewsOne gets 25,000 signatures, first step made

Source : 112 Ukraine

It happened - and yet, it's not the time to celebration; we're to explain the reason below
14:08, 17 November 2018

112 Agency

Let us start with the words of thanks. We really need your gratitude; and you gave it to us. You gave us 25,000 signatures to protect our right to work for you.

Yet, it is still not the time to celebrate. The reason is simple: this is not the end, but the first step towards the main goal, the protection of freedom of speech in our country.

This is the first step we have made together with you. It was you who gave us the tool to make this step, to involve the President of the state and hear his opinion concerning the situation.

Petition in support of 112 Ukraine gets 25,000 signatures, screenshot

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Concerning the situation, when the Verkhovna Rada creates a dangerous precedent, which might lead to completely unpredictable consequences.

Concerning the situation, when even the people’s deputies admit that the Parliament should not deal with the issues beyond its competence.

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Concerning the situation, when the European diplomats and journalists, worried about what happened, are ready to come to Ukraine to join our fight for the right to tell the audience the truth.

Finally, concerning the situation, when during the voting, people’s deputies violate the regulations and “push the buttons”, which is completely unacceptable for the country that sees itself as a part of Europe.

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Now we have every right to ask the President what he thinks about all this. And this is our second step.

It is difficult as the situation with the counter of the signatures remains unclear. The counter shows the number which is much lower than the actual amount of the signatories.

We have already said that we hoped it was just a technical problem. Yet, the time passed and the problem has not been solved.

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And, you know… Now, we are no more patiently waiting for the problem to be solved. We demand it be solved as soon as possible.

The struggle goes on.

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