Perpetrators tried to destabilize situation in Ukraine by murder of Sheremet, - police

Source : 112 Ukraine

The law enforcers investigated the murder of journalist Pavlo Sheremet as the destabilization of the social and political situation in Ukraine by murder of the famous person
19:51, 12 December 2019

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The law enforcers investigated the murder of journalist Pavlo Sheremet as the destabilization of the social and political situation in Ukraine by murder of the famous person as 112 Ukraine reported citing First Deputy Head of National Police, Head of Criminal Police Yevhen Koval.

The police officers established that 35 explosions took place before and after the murder of Pavlo Sheremet. The law enforcers drew the attention to two of them – explosion of power tower in Kherson region on November 12, 2015, and attempted murder of citizen ‘Ch’ in summer 2018 in Kosov city, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Koval stated that these explosions were organized by a person with the nickname ‘Nazik’.

“At the photos of the site, unknown dressed in the clothes with the specific picture on the back drew the attention of the investigation. You see the photo lower on which we see the damaged power tower and a person stays near his back turned and the specific picture is seen. It became some kind of litmus, which drew our attention. Studying the wide range of familiar faces of ‘Nazik’, citizen Antonenko drew out attention,” Koval said.

The law enforcers have already detained musician Andriy Antonenko and notified him on suspicion. His house is searched.

The investigation established that Antonenko lives not far from the place of the explosion of the car of Pavlo Sheremet, downtown of Kyiv.

“On the photos on the social networks, Antonenko wears often clothes with specific emblems and pictures, which are similar to the pictures on the clothes of the supposed criminal, the murderer of Sheremet; we showed you that video. Then we established his extra close ties with two persons of interest in the investigation. The issue is about Yulia Kuzmenko and citizen ‘K’ – 'Pseudo-electrician’,” Koval said.

According to Koval, 'Pseudo-electrician’ had skills of operative work and applied them to prevent the law enforcers from gathering information about him.

In summer 2018, the second explosion took place in Kosovo. It could become fatal for citizen ‘Ch’. The investigation established that the improvised explosive device similar to the one used for the murder of Sheremet was used this time.

However, the explosive device was installed at the outside of the Range Rover car, which has special polymeric protection and the device fell down due to its own weight. The law enforcers established that a man nicknamed ‘Pistol’ rented the car used during the planting of the unexploded device.

Meanwhile, during the commission of this attempt the couple is suspected – Vladyslav Hryshchenko (nickname ‘Bucha’) and Inna Hryshchenko (nickname ‘Puma’). It is known that ‘Pistol’ drove Hryshchenko from Kyiv to Kosov and the DNA of these people was found at the explosive device. Then Vladyslav Hryshchenko was detained.

During the search and detention of Hryshchenko at his car, 'Pseudo-electrician’ came. Thus, the law enforcers established that these two explosions are connected.

Subsequently, law enforcers established that Yulia Kuzmenko, who is involved in the explosion in Kherson region, is the cohabitant of 'Pseudo-electrician’. The law enforcers called a man nicknamed ‘Pistol’ at the questioning as a witness in Sheremet's case.

‘Pistol’ reported about this to ‘Puma’, and couple Hryshchenko and other familiar faces and persons of interest got nervous. The law enforcers established that the persons of interests considered the calling of ‘Pistol’ to questioning as the real threat for them. Police published the phone talks.

Next day after he received the notification, Ivan, known under the alias of Pistol disappeared. Later, things turned up: he suicide, having shot himself in the head from a hunting rifle. According to Gordon outlet, it was Ivan Vakulenko, the veteran of Donbas conflict. He received the paper on October 16, and he was summoned for the interview on October 21. Vakulenko’s body was found on October 18. He committed the suicide in the apartment of his late parents. The body was found by his sister.

After Pistol’s suicide, Inna Hryshchenko claimed it was a “favorable fact for them, in the view of the further turn of events”.

Then, the law enforcers began searches; in her phone conversations with the 26-year-old Yana Dugar who was present at the court sessions where the judges chose the restriction measure for Vladyslav Hryshchenko, said that there was a sapper’s equipment and a lot of cellphones at her place. The police say she looked like the girl who conducted surveillance and took photos next to Sheremet’s house. They suspect she did not have a SIM-card in her cellphone at the time.

Another new face among the defendants in this case is Kuzmenko, or The Fox who acted nervously since the searches began.

During his conversation with Vladyslav Hryshchenko, “The Electrician” said he wanted to shoot himself, because he “did so much that living on was useless”.

“We even had to move and follow him to the forest where he headed to, risking the secrecy of the investigation or some decryption of our activity. We disguised as the mushroom pickers and chased him in circles, trying to keep him from committing a suicide. I guess we managed to sort it out, he recovered and stayed alive”, Yevhen Koval said.

Previously, the National Police detained the suspects in the murder of reporter Pavlo Sheremet. They received charge papers.

In July 2019, the-then head of the National Police Serhiy Knyazev provided the Head of the State with the secret information that he received in the course of the pre-trial investigation. President Zelensky told the press that Sheremet’s murderers would be found.

Pavlo Sheremet was killed in Kyiv in July 2016. The explosive device was set under his car.

The investigation team works on four possible lines of inquiry: professional activity, personal enmity, destabilization of situation in the country, as well as the attack by mistake (the care belonged to Olena Prytula, the Editor-in-Chief of Ukrainska Pravda news agency).


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