People being deceived here, yet beer is cheap: Kyiv as seen by UEFA fans

Author : Zoya Shu

Source : 112 Ukraine

Zoya Shu, a photographer, took a walk around Kyiv before UEFA Champions League Final between Real Madrid and British Liverpool gathering feelings and emotions of the fans, who, at that moment, did not know how the game would end
10:17, 28 May 2018

China, Malaysia, Australia, Bahrain, Ireland. This is just a small number of the countries, represented by the fans who came to Kyiv to support Real Madrid and British Liverpool.  

Fans have their own stories connected with the travel to Kyiv and meeting Ukraine. Let us get acquainted with some of the fans and find out what feelings embraced them during this short time period spent in Kyiv. What conclusions they have made after visiting Ukraine’s capital.

Let us meet them.

This is Wang Xi. She is from China

Prices in Kyiv are “actually quite high”, she says.

“It cost $3000 to make it to the final, and accommodation is relatively cheap - $200 per night in a dorm”. “College students' place price isn't too high ”

“I like Ukraine. I have been to Lviv and I liked it there. New buildings look like the ones in China”.

Wang Xi noted that Ukrainians are really friendly.

Meet Manuel from Madrid

Manuel is a lawyer.

He said that he did not rent any accommodation as it is “too expensive to stay”, so he leaves right after the game ends.

“We don't have accommodation. We came in the morning, leaving in the evening”

The flight cost $990, which is, as Manuel specifies, twice as expensive than usual. The ticket to the final cost 70 Euro ($80.5).

“It is my second time here. I was here for Euro 2012, it was twice cheaper then”. The Spanish noted that there are no such speculations in his country during big events.

Corina and Jack from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Guests from Malaysia paid $750 per night in a two-star hotel in Shulyavka district. They really liked the number of cathedrals and museums, and the NSC Olimpiyskiy as well.

Haakon from Norway and Thomas from Denmark

“Vikings” stayed near Teatralna station. According to them, Champions League full package cost them around 100 000 hryvnias ($4000) per each. As Haakon and Thomas noted, the hotel price was around 22 000 hryvnias ($840) from this sum.

Everything else they call positive.

“We expected more fights and problems, but for now everything is well organized and safe”.

“We were expecting more fighting and trouble, but so far it has been organized and safe”

Family from Madrid

José, Juan, Jacinto and Mrs Encar came to Ukraine’s capital for two days, they paid 1000 Euro ($1165) for the accommodation for the weekend (three kilometers from the stadium). The ticket to the game cost 200 Euro ($233).

“Horrible prices. How can ordinary people like us pay for this? Yet, the country is great, people are very kind”, they said.

Ali from Bahrain

Ali said he arrived for three days, the price for accommodation - $100 per night, but in a very bad apartment.

“I expected the country to be better, and the weather to be better. It is too hot here”.

Keith and David from Ireland

Keith put on the hat on purpose.

“Whenever I wear this hat in final – Liverpool wins”. (Unfortunately, the tradition was broken, - ed.)

“We are here for one night, we did not book anything - it is too expensive. The flight ticket and the ticket to the game cost 1 700 Euro ($2000).”

The Irish guests assure that speculations in their country are “not as half as bad”.

“The prices get increased, but not at this level. This is a short-term gain, but it is strategically wrong – people will not stay here or come back as they will feel deceived”.

“Yet, beer is cheaper here. A very nice city, weather, people are great,” guests from Ireland concluded.

Osama from Morocco

“I like everything here, I came with my cousin and father. The apartment in Shulyavka district cost 100 Euro ($116) per night. I would come back here”.

Manuel and Edgar from Mexico

“We paid 3 00 Euro ($3500) per one person for the full package to Kyiv. We liked matryoshka dolls and Ukrainian flags.

“It is a nice place, different, yet very beautiful”, the guests from Mexico said.

Ken and Kai from London

Men rented a hostel near Vokzalna station for £9 ($12) per night.

“It is my first time in Kyiv, it is not bad. People are nice and warm. But there are a lot of beggars”.

Ofek from Jerusalem

Ofek came to Kyiv with his family. They rented accommodation near Maidan, booked it three weeks ago at the price of $1000 per weekend.

“The city is pretty ordinary but beautiful. Food is really good,” the guest from Israel concluded.

Jaime and Jaime from Spain

Namesakes paid 1 200 Euro ($1398) for the flight (three times as expensive as usually). They rented accommodation near Minska station for 640 Euro ($746) per four nights.

Bodrul, Asad and Salil from England

Three Englishmen paid 600 Euro ($699) per three nights in Svyatoshyno district. The flight cost £1000 ($1,330).

“Very inflated prices. But Ukrainians are very nice and friendly. Food is great”.

“Uber from the airport cost 15 Euro ($17), ordinary taxi - 40 Euro ($46)”.

David and Debbie from Liverpool

“As it is too expensive, we fly in and fly out. UEFA organized transportation, so we got from the airport for free”.

Dragan from Australia

Dragan came to Kiev for two nights only (the flight takes 24 hours).

“Thanks to my friend, I am not paying for the apartment. Two lessors on Airbnb canceled my reservations because they wanted to increase the price. I was ready to pay 200 Euro ($233) per night in Podil, but they canceled, another one for 190 Euro ($221) per night got also canceled, in Podil as well”.

He noted that there is not enough information and infrastructure to support so many people in Kyiv.

“I spent three hours at the airport to get my visa. Someone charged 50 hryvnias ($2) for a small bottle of water. Sydney is very transparent when it comes to this; you see what you pay for and what you get there. Here people are just using an opportunity to get quick money”.

Pedro, Eusébio, Johny and Antonio from Barcelona

The guests from Barcelona came to Kyiv for two days. One apartment near Palats Ukraina with one double couch was rented for 200 Euro ($233) per night.

“We didn’t know anything about Kyiv, we came to watch the game, but we really like it here, people are very sociable”.

Among a large number of foreign fans, there were a lot of Ukrainians. For instance, here are little football fans Makar and Maksym from Ivano-Frankivsk.

This is Anna. A world-class athlete in grass hockey.

“This is an outrage, prices were so inflated, I feel really bad about it”.

Anna did not go to the stadium, she will watch the game on TV.

“I love football. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian football is not the same as it was earlier, even two years ago”.

And, finally, Vitaliy

Vitaliy has participated in Maidan protests in 2013-2014, his nickname is Sviaty (Saint, - ed.). His case is an example of prudence which many capital’s residents saved before the big game.

Before the final, he offered a room at Klovska station for $50 per night (which is not to be compared with extremely high prices mentioned above).

First, his advertisement looked like this:

But our photographer helped to correct the mistakes because prudence and readiness to be helpful should be encouraged.


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