"Patriots" herd Ukraine back in the Middle Ages

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Presentation of Larysa Denysenko at Forum of Publishers in Lviv was canceled due to the threats of domestic far-right devotees of “spiritual tie brackets”
10:12, 13 September 2017

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Ukraine is often making mock of Russia: they have “spiritual tie brackets,” myrrh-busting bust of Nicolas II of Russia... We find it very ridiculous. After all, we live in the 21st century. Isn’t it a wonderful chance to mock of Russia, once again proving to ourselves that it will collapse soon. Hooray.

Meanwhile, we are doing the same thing. Presentation of author Larysa Denysenko at Forum of Publishers in Lviv was canceled due to the threats of domestic far-right devotees of “spiritual tie brackets.” Great patriots, no doubt. Patriots do not like the book, which advocates the idea of equality and human rights. Moreover, the author of the book about equality was written by a woman, whose place is in the kitchen, in bed, and in the church. Well, it does not really matter what is in the book. No one has the right to dictate what one should read and or write. But here are some representatives of the Middle Ages, who try approve the rules of the Inquisition. And what does the cultural capital say? It is silent.

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So what’s the difference between us and Russians? Difference is the fact that they have oil and a nuclear bomb, while we do not? What is the fundamental difference? They are barbarians, we know this. But who are we then? We are ready to indulge people, who want to burn books. People who are stuck in dark centuries and disperse their own obscurantism around them. Isn’t it barbarism? And what has patriotism to do here? And the state again allows the marginals to dictate their rules to others. Are we building a modern state with a rule of law, where all people are free, or we are building the Orthodox Greek Catholic caliphate? There are hundreds of places allover the world, where people from immemorial times cherish traditional values. For example, Afghanistan. Who wants to live the way they live in Afghanistan? And the society must make a choice: it is standing for the values of the Middle Ages or for a successful society, where the freedom of each person is valued.

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And it does not matter what the West think about us. They are used to the fact that barbarians settle these lands. But in the modern world, barbarians are interesting only to anthropologists. It is important what we think about ourselves. And what future we want for our children.

Last week, Forum of Publishers in Lviv have received a letter from Ukrainian far right organizations with threats related to the two events of the forum program. In this regard, the publisher and author of the book have canceled one event, with "the goal of ensuring the safety of children."

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The author of the scandalous book Larysa Denysenko has reported that two events triggered the threats: the presentation of her book "Maya and her Moms" about the adoption of LGBT families in society and a discussion "Is the school ready to talk with children on difficult topics?"

"We call on the public, the media, law enforcement agencies and authorities at all levels, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, to ensure the resonance of potential threats and provide security guarantees to participants and visitors to the Forum of Publishers in Lviv," the statement said.

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Forum of Publishers in Lviv is one of the largest book festivals in Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe. The 24th Forum of Publishers is held September 13-15.

This is not the first time far-right organizations try to torpedo art exhibitions or conferences. Thus, February 7, a group of far-right activists have vandalized an arts exhibition in Kyiv devoted to the situation in Ukraine since protests ousted former President Viktor Yanukovych three years ago. Center for Visual Arts Culture, which hosted the event, have witnessed that the men in balaclavas ransacked the arts exhibition Lost Opportunity by artist Davyd Chychkan.

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