Passion Week: Rules and Traditions of each day

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Six days are left until the Easter, and each of them has  their peculiarities
16:18, 2 April 2018

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The last week of the Great Lent, Passion Week, also known as a Holy Week.

The week before the Easter Sunday has several names. And all of them reflect the essence of the upcoming six days left to Easter.

Each of the six days is special, with their own rules and traditions. We will tell you about them in detail.

April 2


On this day, the Christians recollect gospel story when Jesus cursed a sycamine tree, covered with green leaves but fruitless which at once dried away before the eyes of his companions.  

This wonder has an important moral meaning for every human: every moment a person has to be ready to meet the God in order to not end up spiritually empty and vain.

On this day, people clean the house: paint it, wash it, and tidy it.

According to the church riles, on the Great Monday, it is forbidden to quarrel, say foul words and think negatively. Food should be just bread, fruits and vegetables. However, Christians abide by the unspoken rule and maintain a strict fast, without food or water.

It is forbidden to sing or dance on the Great Monday – it is a sin.

April 3


This is the day, which reminds us of a parable about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, ten virgins, and talents.

On Tuesday, it is common to finish the mending, washing and ironing the clothes. And continue to prepare for the holiday: not only clothes are chosen, people also choose a tablecloth to cover the festive table and a rushnyk with which they will go the Easter vigil.

On this day, you can eat hot food without vegetable oil. And people buy products for the Easter.

Besides, Tuesday is the day of teachings.

April 4


On this day, the Christians recollect the Judas’s betrayal. On this very day, Judas has betrayed Jesus Christ for 30 silver coins, choosing this way a spiritual death.

On Wednesday, people finish to clean in the house and start buying the eggs for painting on the Easter. According to the beliefs, the eggs bought on this day will stay fresh for a long time and will be painted nicely.

On this day, people are supposed to eat food without butter.

The rest of the days

April 5


This day is also known as a Chare Thursday or Holy Thursday.

It is good to wake early on this day. Thursday is the day of bathing. It is believed that the water on Holy Thursday has healing power and just by bathing and praying, one can preserve the health of all the family for the whole year.

On this day, people make Easter sweet bread. Before doughing, you should pray and clean your soul. Otherwise the bread will turn out bad.

People usually took the sacrament on this day and put bread and blessed salt on the table.

Traditionally, on Thursday people buy children new things. However, it is advisable not to give money, as they remind of treason of Judas.

April 6


People call this day as a Passion Friday.

Friday is the strictest pre-Easter day on which you cannot do anything around the house, sing, dance and listen to music.

In memory of Christ’s suffering, eating is forbidden.

It is believed that "one who laughs on Friday, will cry the whole year."

An integral part of the divine services on this day is the Epitaphios - a large corporal with the image of the body of Jesus Christ in the grave. It is forbidden to eat until it is taken out at the evening service.

According to the legend, Joseph of Arimathea wrapped the body of Jesus Christ after his suffering on the cross and death in the Shroud of Turin.


April 7


This day is considered a day of peace.

On Saturday, they remember the burial of Jesus, as well as his victory over the death in Hell and entry into Paradise.

On this day, people finish painting eggs and collecting the Easter basket.

In the evening, the Divine Liturgy is held, after which the good news of the Resurrection of Christ is announced.

The Great Lent ends on Saturday.

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