Parliament passes law to improve provision of public services

Source : 112 Ukraine

291 parliamentarians voted for the initiative
13:32, 22 September 2021

Ukraine's Presidental Administration

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading and as a whole Bill №5845 on improving the provision of public (electronic public) services. 291 parliamentarians voted for the initiative.

According to the document, the entity that issued the document, and in its absence - the entity that provides the relevant public (electronic public) service has to confirm or deny the issuance of the relevant document and/or accuracy of information within five (previously three) working days from the date of receipt using the system of electronic interaction of electronic resources or the relevant information and telecommunications system.

If within five (previously three) working days a response to a request for the confirmation or denial of issuance of the relevant document and/or accuracy of information is not received, the subject of public (electronic public) services provides public (electronic public) service taking into account the principle of providing public (electronic public) service by default, in cases directly specified by law.

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The principle of providing public (electronic public) service by default cannot be applied to:

  • state registration of real rights to immovable property, encumbrances of such rights;
  • state registration of civil status acts of citizens;
  • state registration of legal entities, their symbols (in cases provided by law), public formations that do not have the status of a legal entity, and natural persons - entrepreneurs;
  • state registration of religious organizations and their structural subdivisions, all-Ukrainian trade unions, their associations, all-Ukrainian associations of employers' organizations;
  • state registration of separate subdivisions of foreign non-governmental organizations, representative offices, branches of foreign charitable organizations, symbols of public formations;
  • state registration of print media and news agencies;
  • registration of the statutes of territorial communities, in particular the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol;
  • registration of the statutes of the National Academy of Sciences and national branch academies of sciences;
  • procedures for restoring the solvency of the debtor - a legal entity or declaring it bankrupt in order to satisfy creditors' claims, as well as restoring the solvency of an individual, enforcement proceedings and enforcement of court decisions and decisions of other bodies (officials).

The list of cases in which the entity providing public (electronic public) services may provide electronic public services by default is established by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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Public service - a legally or socially significant action of the subject of public (electronic public) service, in particular administrative service, on the application (request) of the subject of application or without such application, as a result of which rights are acquired, transferred, terminated and/or the obligations of the subject of the application are performed, the relevant material and/or intangible benefits are provided to the subject of the application.

The principle of providing public (electronic public) service by default - the principle according to which the subject of providing public (electronic public) services provides in cases specified by law, public (electronic public) services without receiving from public authorities, local governments, state registrars, subjects of state registration, state and communal enterprises, institutions and organizations in the order and cases determined by the legislation, information and/or documents (except court decisions and executive documents) necessary for rendering the corresponding public (electronic public) service, provided that such bodies, officials, enterprises, institutions and organizations have not sent to the subject of public (electronic public) service such information or documents within the period specified by this law.

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