PACE reports on legal challenges in hybrid war, human rights obligations

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Parliamentary Assembly within its spring session will hear the report of the head of Ukrainian delegation Volodymyr Ariev
15:15, 26 April 2018

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Parliamentary Assembly today, on April 26 at 15:30 will hear the report of Ukraine’s delegation head  Volodymyr Ariev concerning the “Legal challenges in hybrid war and human rights obligations.” The PACE spring session is taking place on April 23-27. The meeting will be broadcasted on the PACE website.

Ukraine's representative in a report states that "we cannot compare, for example, actions undertaken to achieve independence by ex-Soviet countries, which entailed the emergence of new democratic States, on the one hand, and the Russian intervention in Ukraine, leading to armed conflict in this country and to heavy humanitarian consequences, on the other.

It is noted that disinformation campaign about “no Russian troops in Crimea” probably did not intend to deceive the masses in the West; it was most definitely aimed at delaying and slowing the decision-making process of the European political leaders.

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The document also proposed amendments to the draft resolution:

Amendment A
It seems appropriate to recall in the draft resolution previous reports of the Assembly regarding co-operation against cyberterrorism, security in cyberspace and prevention of cybercrime. The policy guidelines contained therein are to me most relevant in the present context.

Amendment B
Although paragraph 2 does not intend to give an exhaustive list of elements describing “hybrid war”, it seems important to explicitly mention threats to energy supply, to complete the picture.

Amendment C
In recent years, mass disinformation campaigns have become more frequent, intense and dangerous. I believe it is necessary that the Assembly expresses its deep concern about the matter and calls on States to develop tools to protect democracy from “information weapons”.

Amendment D
Maintaining exchange of information and sharing experience and good practice in countering hybrid threats is essential, so it would be important to have an explicit call in this direction in the draft resolution.

As it was reported earlier, in its resolution on human rights, PACE recommended Ukraine to reconsider the necessity of maintaining the provision on 30-day preventive detention in Donbas conflict area, to make further efforts to enhance material conditions for people in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions using the crossing points between government-controlled territories and territories temporarily under the effective control of the Russian authorities and to ensure the proper functioning of and sufficiency of resources for courts transferred from territories in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions temporarily under the effective control of the Russian authorities; as well as to ensure that parliamentary scrutiny of the emergency measures is sufficient and effective.

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