'Over five years, I haven’t changed a word in my program', - Rabinovich

Source : 112 Ukraine

The Co-Chairman of Opposition Platform - For Life Vadim Rabinovich comments on the ideology of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky
16:43, 19 July 2019

Vadym Rabinovich, the leader of “For life” Ukrainian political party
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The Co-founder of Opposition Platform - For Life party Vadim Rabinovich said that we do not know the ideology of the current authority during an interview with 112 Ukraine TV channel on July 19.

“Unfortunately, we don’t know the ideology of the new authority. How can I find out about the ideology? What a person says, that’s his ideology, I hope. When President Zelensky was running in elections, he said he supported peace, “we don’t need NATO, we don’t need IMF, I will get down on my knees”, you remember it all. This is his program. I voted for him. You ask me if I know his program, I do, I voted for him. Four days passed. “War will continue, NATO is good, IMF became something good in a week, oligarchs are wonderful, it’s all wonderful”. How can one focus on such conditions? I know that over five years, I haven’t changed a word in my program. I haven’t voted for some deadly law for my country. I can honestly look into the eyes of my voters. When you support what you are saying, you know the program. We don’t know what will they think tomorrow. We choose cat in the sack. Not just a cat in the sack. We don’t even know if it’s a cat. We choose something in the sack,” Rabinovich said.

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Earlier, he said that the upcoming parliamentary election in Ukraine is, to a major extent, about choosing between war and peace. "Over the last five years, our country has been locked up in the dead end. Over these five years, we've found ourselves amidst blood and war (...), economic demise. We are a great country that should have become the locomotive of Europe. Today, we've been ranked last in all possible rankings, on the level of African countries. How did it come to this? We should answer this question during this election. We've got to understand: there's either war or peace. This is what we choose on Sunday (the election day in Ukraine, - 112 International). We choose either peace or war in our house. We choose either misery or decent life - the life we are worthy", Rabinovich said.

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