Orthodox Calendar: Savior of the Honey Apple and Bread Savior Day to be marked in August

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08:00, 13 August 2020

Savior Days
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The Christians celebrate three Savior Days in August: Honey Spas, Apple Spas, and Nut Spas. The dates of the holidays remain unchanged from year to year.

It is considered that the holidays were named in honor of Jesus Christ and Savior.

Savior of the Honey Feast Day (First Spas, Makoviya) - August 14

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Two-week Uspenskiy fasting begins on Honey Spas. It originates from Byzantine, where in ninth century parts of God’s Cross were carried through Constantinople to clean up the city from epidemics and evil spirits.

Seven martyrs Maccabees are honored on this day. They headed the rebellion for the faith in a singular God. They were harshly punished for it.

Besides, according to the legend, on August 14, Volodymyr the Great was baptized. Therefore, this day people blessed Dnipro water, bathed cattle and cleaned the wells.

Makoviya is not just a religious holiday. Starting from this people began the autumn filed work and honey harvest; the swallows started to fly away and people prepared for the end of the summer.

According to the ancient customs, water, honey and poppy are blessed on this day.  People cook lean borshch with mushrooms and shulyky (buns with a poppy). The bouquets of flowers and grasses “maccabees” are brought to the church. It is considered that if a person does not bless the flowers on the First Spas then the household will not prosper.

Savior of the Apple Feast Day (Great Spas, Second Spas) - August 19

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People prepare for the Apple Spas for two weeks. Particularly, they do not eat apples. Especially, it concerns the women who are warned from the sinful deed of Eve.

Bread Savior Day (Third Spas, Nut Spas) - August 29

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People finished the harvest until the Third Spas and baked the cakes from the new harvest flour. That is why it is called Bread Spas.

At this time the hazelnuts are ripened and people gather them that is why this holiday is also called Nut Spas.

This day people sell canvas and fabric and the buyers were obliged to choose something not to be short of money.

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