Belarus opposition’s stance: Plan for relations with Russia, statements about Ukraine

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Besides, we explain the meaning of the Coordination Council and the goal of its creation
17:43, 21 August 2020

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A few days ago, ex-candidate for the presidency in Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya announced the creation of the Coordination Council. The main aim of the body’s work was the holding of the new presidential elections and peaceful transit of power.

The first press conference of the Coordination Council took place on August 19 and the next day it was reported that the criminal case is opened due to the creation of the council.

The official authority stated that the activity of the newly-created body supposedly aims for the seizure of the state power and causing damage to the national security of Belarus. Current President Alexander Lukashenko has already accused his rivals of the intentions to cut ties with Russia.

We figure out whether it is true and tell what the Belarusian opposition thinks about relations with the EU, mass media and Ukraine.

About relations with Russia

Earlier, Aleksander Lukashenko stated that the program of the opposition HQ provides the withdrawal of the country from the Union State with Russia and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and entrance to the EU and NATO in the future.

However, the Coordination Council responded that the opposition does not discuss possible withdrawal of the country from the union structures with Russia.

Member of the allied HQ of the opposition Maria Kalesnikava

“This issue is not included in the agenda. We consider the statements of Lukashenko as the attempt of manipulation and deception,” associate of Tsikhanouskaya and member of the allied HQ of the opposition Maria Kalesnikava stated as Interfax reported.

The representatives of the opposition forces are ready for constructive cooperation with Russia and do not want to upset relations with the neighboring country.

It follows from the statement of Kalesnikava and member of the Coordination Council on the transfer of power in Belarus, ex-minister of culture and former diplomat Pavel Latushko.

The statement of Latushko is the next:

Pavel Latushko

We constantly try to justify before Russia that we do not want to upset the relations. But I do not know why it seems so and I would like the colleagues to help us. The last politician is the one who offers to build a wall between Belarus and Russia”.

The diplomat explained the attunement to work with Russia by close economic relations with this country; the export to it makes 50%.

Kalesnikava, from her side, stated that Belarus is ready for constructive cooperation with all partners, including Russia.

“The Council (the Coordination Council on the transfer of power in Belarus, - believes in open, pragmatic and consistent relations bases on clear and well-understood principles. Recently, the tensions and conflicts regularly appear in the cooperation with Russia and it clearly shows that incumbent president of Belarus is unable to rise to the challenge,” associate of Tsikhanouskaya noted.

About the European Union


In the mentioned statement, Latushko emphasized the interest of the country in good relations with the EU, where the second market place for the Belarusian products is situated, as well as the technologies and financial resources that may support the economy.

The pre-election website of Tsikhanouskaya states: “We are peaceful people and we will be friends with everyone but only in the interest of our own country”.

Meanwhile, the necessity is noted to “create the partnership on equal terms, not the dependence on gas or credit so-called needle”.

About Ukraine

Ukraine and Belarus
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“All neighbors are important for us; Ukraine is important; it is a significant trading partner and all other partners are important too,” Latushko stated as Interfax-Ukraine reported.

Meanwhile, the Belarusian opposition did not exclude the participation of Ukraine in the political solution of the crisis in the country. The former diplomat said the next:

“I can tell hypothetically: if we participated in the formation of Minsk dialogue on issues of the Ukrainian-Russian agenda, why Ukraine cannot participate in the certain dialogue in Belarus”.

Tsikhanouskaya about Crimea

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

Before the presidential elections, the opponent of Lukashenko avoided answering the question of the annexation of Crimea, explaining it with the fact that she is not a politician as Meduza reported.

“I understand that the issue of Crimea divides society. I would not like to push someone away with careless words. Moreover, I am not a politician; my main goal is the consolidation of all forces for the solution of the main task – change of power and holding of fair elections…Concerning Donbas, the war takes place there and it is horrible. People should not die at war. I am strongly against the war,” Tsikhanouskaya stated.

However, during another interview for Euroradio, she answered the same question in the following way:

“Legally, Crimea is Ukrainian; in fact – it is Russian”.




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