Number of ruling Servants of the People's faction reduces: MP Sokha leaves faction

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The MP accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of failure to fulfill promises regarding "new faces"
11:07, 30 November 2021

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MP elected by the first-past-the-post system Roman Sokha announced the withdrawal from the Servant of the People faction. He made such a statement during a speech from the rostrum.

You can watch the broadcasting of the plenary meeting HERE.

"I made a difficult, but fair decision. I am leaving the Servant of the People faction," Sokha said.

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The MP accused the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky of failure to fulfill promises regarding "new faces."

“From the first day, I supported Volodymyr Zelensky and joined the formation of the Ze-team in Zaporizhia, because Volodymyr Oleksandrovych declared what we had been waiting for all the years of independence: the end of the clan oligarchic system, the end of nepotism and political corruption, the end of the era of poverty and social injustice. Mr. President, you promised that there will be "new faces" in our ranks, people who have never been in politics, who are not tangential to schemes, and have not plundered the country. You promised a new generation of statesmen, with a warm heart, a bright mind, and a crystal clear reputation. Today I see the appointment of Mr. Shurma as the Deputy Head of the Office of the President. He is a former oppositionist of the pro-Russian Opposition Bloc. He tried to disrupt fair elections in Zaporizhia using dirty technologies. Shurma is part of the old corrupt system, and he fought for it, for the preservation of this system, at the cost of breaking the law. We have a war. And the curator of the economy in the office of the president is a person who has such a background and reputation, and who certainly was not a supporter of Ukraine's European path in the past. What happens? This is not what we promised people. I have repeatedly appealed to the leadership of the party and faction, brought to the notice the opinion of people who are tired of these scandals and are losing hope of change. But they don't hear us. For me personally, Shurma is the last straw. I am very ashamed of this appointment, as well as the appointment of Yanukovych policeman Olegh Tatarin, lobbyist of the Kharkiv agreements Ruslan Demchenko. These people should not be in government positions. I do not want and cannot be to people who do not correspond to the principles that we declared when going to the elections. I want to be honest with myself and with the voters, whom I must face without hesitation. That is why I made a difficult but fair decision: I am leaving the Servant of the People faction. Thank you for your attention,” Sokha said from the rostrum.

We add that Sokha entered the new association "Reasonable Politics", created by the ex-speaker of the Rada, the former Servant of the People member Dmytro Razumkov.

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It should be reminded that on October 19, MP Lyudmila Buimister was finally expelled from the Servant of the People faction.

On November 16, the Servant of the People faction expelled MP Artem Dmytruk. This was announced by the First Vice Speaker Oleksandr Kornienko during the plenary session.

Both, Artem Dmytruk and Lyudmila Buimister joined "Reasonable Politics" created by Razumkov.



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