New Year, Christmas, Baptism of Jesus: Holiday and important dates of January

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We will tell you more about holidays and important memorable dates
17:00, 30 December 2020

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The most anticipated month of winter is coming and it has many holidays, weekends and important memorable dates. Ukrainians will celebrate New Year, Christmas, the Baptism of Jesus, and National Unity Day in January. We will tell you more about these important dates.

How many weekends in January?

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Ukrainians will take a rest for 12 days and work 19 days in January. The month starts right after three weekends in a row - January 1,2 and 3 – the New Year will come on Friday and it is followed by two traditional weekends. Christmas will take place on Thursday, January 7. Accordingly, Friday, January 8 will be a weekend. Thanks to that, Ukrainians will have long weekend from January 7 until January 10.

Key dates

On the night of January 1, the whole world will celebrate the 2021 New Year. According to the Chinese astrology, it will be the year of White Metal Ox.

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January 6 – the Eastern Christians celebrate Christmas Eve. This day, the fast ends, and 12 fasting dishes in honor of apostles are put on the festive table. Traditionally, kutya (ceremonial grain dish with sweet gravy) and uzvar (national Ukrainian beverage) should be present during the festive dinner. Besides, a didukh (Ukrainian Christmas decoration) should be put on the table; people start to sing Christmas carols with the appearance of the first star.

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January 7 – people celebrate Christmas. All churches hold divine liturgies; while people greet each other with words: ‘Jesus was born! Glory to him!’. This day, walking with vertep (portable puppet theatre that presents the nativity scene) can be observed in the cities of Ukraine.

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January 13 – another New Year – the Old is celebrated. This people’s unofficial holiday appeared due to the difference between the Julian calendar (old) and the Gregorian calendar. It makes 13 days.

January 20 – the Day of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. On this day in 1991, the majority of the Crimean citizens at the all-Crimea referendum stood for the restoration of the Crimean autonomy and it determined the status of Crimea as a part of Ukraine.

January 22 – Ukraine celebrates Unity Day as a symbol of unity of the-then Ukrainian People's Republic and Western Ukrainian People's Republic. On January 22, 1919, the Act of Unity of the-then Ukrainian People's Republic and Western Ukrainian People's Republic was declared. The tradition is established to form a live chain with flags at Paton Bridge in Kyiv and it symbolizes the unity of republics.

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January 25 – Student’s Day (Tetiana Day). This holiday is mostly relating to the history of the Russian Empire as it is dedicated to the opening of the university in Moscow. In 1755, on January 25, Elizaveta Petrovna, the Empress of Russia opened the first university in Moscow. Mostly, the Ukrainian students celebrate Student’s Day on November 17.

January 27 – the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. This date is tied with the anniversary of the release by the Red Army in 1945 of the Auschwitz Birkenau. In November 2005, this day was officially proclaimed as the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust by the UN GA.

January 28 – the Day of Adoption of State Flag of Ukraine.

January 29 – the Commemoration Day of the Heroes of the Battle of Kruty.

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Orthodox Calendar

January 1 - the memorial day of the Saint Illya Muromets Pechersky.

January 6 – the Christmas Eve. This day, the Nativity Fast ends that started on November 28.

January 7 – Christmas.

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January 8 – the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God. This holiday is called solemnity because this day, the saints related to Christmas are commemorated.

January 14 – the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ Celebration is celebrated and it coincides with St Basil's Day.

January 19 - Baptism of Jesus. This day the Orthodox Church commemorates how John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in Jordan River. On the eve of the holiday, January 18, strict fasting is established.

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The blessing of the water is the brightest trait of the holiday. The water blessed on the eve and on the Baptism of Jesus Day is considered to be holy; it is stored for months and has healing qualities.

January 25 – Saint Tatiana Day.

January 27 – St. Nina’s Day, all Georgians' enlightener, is celebrated. Her preaching brought the whole of Georgia to Jesus so she is treated equal-to-apostles.

Other important dates

January 1 – 112th anniversary of the birthday of Stepan Bandera, the leader of the council (Provid) of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) will be celebrated. Usually, it means torch marches in downtown Kyiv and different events in other cities.

January 8 – Metro Day is celebrated all over the world. The date is dedicated to the launch of the first underground in the world in London in 1863. It was built by Metropolitan Railway and its length is 3.6 km.

January 17 – the World Snow Day. Officially, the World Snow Day was created for the popularization of winter sports, the involvement of children and families in outdoor activities. Special events are held all over the globe.

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January 21 – the National Hugging Day.

January 26 – the International Customs Day, the Day of the Employee of Control and Auditing Service Holiday.

January 28 – the Data Privacy Day.

January 29 – the Day of Firemen.

January 31 – the International Jeweler's Day.



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