New Year - 2022: Year of Black Water Tiger in Eastern calendar

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The coming year of the tiger will bring sudden changes to everyone
10:59, 30 December 2021

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The tiger will become the symbol of the new 2022 year according to the Eastern calendar. The year of the tiger will come on February 1 and will last until January 21, 2023. Astrologers claim that this year will bring many changes and will be ideal in order to change a life.

The Eastern (Chinese) calendar is cyclical, based on the alternation of 12 animals. Each year is ruled by a specific animal, which affects how dynamic or calm the year will be.

The upcoming year 2022 according to the Chinese calendar is the year of the black water tiger. The tiger is a strong, noble, and purposeful animal, but if teased, it is capable of sharp and impetuous attacks. Therefore, astrologers are sure: this year will be active, full of changes, and supportive of those who are used to achieving new heights and fighting. The changes will primarily concern social life, while peace and love will reign in the family - the tiger is considered a faithful and devoted animal.

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The host element of 2022 is water; therefore it is also called a blue or black tiger. But for the coming year, in addition to the defining element of water, the second element - wood - will provide its influence. In nature, water feeds a tree, and it, in turn, produces oxygen, then the air collects in clouds and rains, supporting life on Earth. A couple of these elements give astrologers a reason to assume that 2022 will be much more favorable to people than several previous ones.

Despite the fact that 2022 will be very active and productive, astrologers still recommend finding time for relaxation and spending time on a healthy lifestyle. Quitting bad habits and maintaining health will allow you to easily withstand the active pace of the coming year. Besides, this year is considered favorable for marriage and the birth of children.

In the coming year, those born in the year of the tiger, dragon, horse, and the dog will be most fortunate, since they have energy similar to the tiger. The productive year 2022 will be for bulls, rabbits, goats, roosters, and wild boars. More difficult than the rest will be for rats, snakes, and monkeys, but if they calmly accept the changes, then the year of the tiger will be very exciting for them.

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To "appease" the tiger, it is recommended to celebrate the New Year 2022 in all shades of blue; black is also a priority. Taking into account the fact that not only water but also wood will become the symbol of 2022, all shades of brown, gold, and silver will do.

It is better to refuse red shades, neon colors, and animal prints. It is believed that the tiger does not like bright colors and competition.

In the year of the tiger, changes will enter the life of everyone, but what they will depend on us.


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