National TV Council held tender for one participant

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5 TV channels ran for obtaining digital broadcasting license – News One, PulsPlus, Rada, Gravis-Kino and 112 Ukraine TV channel
18:51, 9 November 2017

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112 Ukraine team finds the decision of the National TV Council to give the license for the nationwide digital broadcasting to Rada TV channel biased. The representatives of the 112 Ukraine reported this after the meeting of the National Council.

According to Yegor Benckendorff, the Director General of 112 Ukraine, 112 Ukraine TV channel fully confirms to the conditions of the contest and provided all necessary information.

‘It is pity that everything happened as it happened. I hoped and did not believe that such decision will be made. Let’s be non-biased: who is the leader of the information broadcasting – it is 112 TV channel. We have all advantages, we confirmed to all conditions of the contest. We provided all necessary information, including the issues on the owners and so on. We have the advantages relating other channels. Why? Because we told beforehand that if 112 TV channel wins we will refuse all regional digital licenses’, he said.

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Vasyl Smetana, the representative of 112 Ukraine thinks that the meeting of the National TV Council showed the prejudicial treatment of the 112 Ukraine.

‘We are the leaders of the information broadcasting and we are recognized not only in Ukraine. We are permanently pressed by the license terms and we offered the mechanism by the response was: it does not fine for us, we do not believe anyway’. In fact, the National Council showed the prejudicial treatment of the 112 Ukraine and actually it should not be proved. What I saw at the meeting entirely confirms the previous information. Unfortunately, no miracle happened and the issues discussed in the media market and MPs only confirmed. In fact, the contest was held only for one participant and we can call the contest farce’, he said.

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Yuri Budyak, the Director of 112 Ukraine thanked the audience and team of 112 Ukraine TV channel for the support and expressed the regret that ‘the double standards of the National Council occur again’.

‘It is very unfortunate that the things took place that we did not expect but it happened: the opinion of the viewers of the top-rated channel was not taken into consideration one more time and the double standards of the National Council occur again. It is bitter because the winner is the channel that will be financed by yours, my, our funds. I have the offer: let’s broadcast this channel for free and no need for the old people who did not receive the pension to pay for a channel that is not watched by anyone. It is a pity. But I am very thankful for the support of our channel by the anchors, team, and viewers. Watch us further on and we will work only for you, you will have the most recent and unbiased information’, Budyak said.

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The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council predictably announced the Rada TV channel winner in the contest for obtaining a license for a nationwide digital broadcasting channel on November 9.

The number of the MPs, experts and specialized mass media expressed the suspicion that initially the contest was oriented for the parliamentary Rada TV channel. The letter from Yury Artemenko, the Head of the National TV Council to Andry Paruby, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada written on July 1, 2016, and where Artemenko offered to consider the getting of the license for the digital broadcasting by Rada TV Channel was the evidence of this. The parliament provided the purchase of the equipment for the switch to the digital broadcasting long before the announcement of the contest.

The journalists held the protest with a demand to hold the honest contest near the building of the National Council.

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The win of the Rada TV channel will cost 675 500 dollars per year for the state budget. Totally it will cost 4.7 million dollars for the license validity term. Moreover, Rada TV is present at the satellite TV and all cable networks of Ukraine as the obligatory channel.

The victory of the 112 Ukraine could mean not only expanding of the broadcast of a reputable Ukrainian TV Channel but also the additional liberation of frequencies in MX-5 TV-network, which is put out to tender and with analogous overall coverage all over Ukraine. This will allow announcing additional tenders for other broadcasters. Licenses of the 112 Ukraine TV channel are a source of conflict from the National Broadcasting Council during last four years, who issued 26 refusals to reform the TV channel’s program framework for information broadcasting mode, referring to various problems, while reissuing licenses to the 112’s direct competitors. 

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