Ukraine's National TV Company accused of changing rules of national selection on spot

Source : 112 Ukraine

Moreover, the broadcaster is suspected of the fact that it could not familiarize the artists with the conditions of the contract
16:35, 27 February 2019

The National Television Company of Ukraine has begun to change the rules of the national selection for Eurovision right in the process of the contest. Moreover, the broadcaster could not familiarize the artists with the conditions of the contract, which is obligatory signed by the winner of the selection as Styler reported citing Yana Pryadko, the Concert Director of singer Ruslana and member of the International Jury from Ukraine at Eurovision 2017.

According to her, the rules of the Eurovision clearly forbid to mention any politicians at the stage and the violation is punished by the disqualification of the country. “It is the rule of the contest, which was enshrined many years ago. And we, conversely, turn this contest into real politics. Following the posts published in the social media, I've got an impression that the artists did not know the conditions of the contract; it was not discussed with them initially, and then they started changing the rules,” Pryadko said.

She also reminded that the complete refusal from the improvisation on the stage and pass of the rights for the song to the organizers of the Eurovision enter the list of the standard rules of the contest. “At the Eurovision, the lighting is established for the performance, the cameras for the TV version are programmed and if something is changed, the picture will not be qualitative. The artist cannot move even for one centimeter,” ex-member of the jury said.

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Concerning the pass of the rights, Eurovision broadcasts songs to dozens of states, release CDs with them. The organizers of the contest become the owners of the rights for all songs to avoid the legal conflicts on this ground. “But this rule was not correctly announced in Ukraine. The artist might not understand it but the National Television Company should have explained it earlier. It should explain each point in details,” she thinks.

Pryadko also caked the situation with the national selection to Eurovision 2019 “the biggest defamation of Ukraine, which the National Television Company was able to organize.”

As we reported that singer Anna Korsun (Maruv) would not present Ukraine at the song contest “Eurovision 2019”. Maruv said that she was forced to refuse from the participation in the contest from Ukraine due to her tour in Russia.

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“I am ready to refuse from performances in Russia. I have answered all the questions the jury had on air. I have not visited Crimea since 2014. I have not violated any law of Ukraine. Besides, I am ready to assume all the costs related to participation in the international contest,” she stated.

Maruv won the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision and should perform with Siren Song in the first semi-final of the Eurovision, which will take place on May 14. Her performance was planned for the second half of the show.

Besides, STB Channel stated that the rules of the national selection for Eurovision do not contain demands on the absence of the tours in the Russian Federation. It also added that only the National Television Company of Ukraine can decide who will present Ukraine during the Eurovision.

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On February 26, Freedom-jazz girls band, which got the second place in the national selection for Eurovision song contest, refused to participate in it. Later, Kazka band, which took the third place, also refused to present Ukraine at Eurovision


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