Military with automatic rifles and armored infantry vehicle in center of occupied Luhansk

Source : 112 Ukraine

According to the separatists, these people were not the members of the illegal militants’ formations of occupied Donbas
16:59, 21 November 2017


People in the military uniform with the automatic rifles and armored infantry vehicle blocked the center of occupied Luhansk on November 21. According to the separatists, these people were not the members of the illegal militants’ formations of occupied Donbas. Later the separatist websites published the official statement of Ihor Kornet, the so-called Interior Minister of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) where he claimed that they detained the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group.

People in the balaclavas and automatic rifles blocked off the administrative buildings about 10:00 am, particularly the building of the so-called Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR and blocked the streets around it. They also did no comment on the happening or called the actions to be ‘the scheduled exercise’.


Dmytro Snegiryov, the public activist from Luhansk region claimed to 112 Ukraine that the information on the arrival of the detachment from Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) is still unconfirmed.

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‘This information is not confirmed but the DPR militants actively participated in the suppression of the so-called take-over at the territory of LPR in 2016. Moreover, the militants of ‘Sparta’ commanded by Zakharchenko executed the dirty tasks, including the arrest of the rebels and physical elimination of the counterpart of Plotnytsky. Ihor Plotnytsky did not meet the commitments in 2016 and now it is likely that the settling of the old scores takes place’, Snegiryov said.


Later the witnesses claimed that the armored infantry vehicle was placed near the so-called Ministry of Internal Affairs.

‘The armored infantry vehicle was placed near the so-called Ministry of Internal Affairs, the building was blocked off by the armed people, and some of them had the hand-held grenade launchers. It seems that Kornet decided ‘to appeal the court’ towards his retirement from the post of the minister. And now the most important task is not allowing the suffering of the local civilians. These frays take place in the downtown of the city’, Andry Dekhtyarenko reported at Facebook.

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Earlier the mass media reported that Ihor Plotnytsky, the leader of the LPR retired Ihor Kornet, the Interior Minister. However, Kornet refused to obey this order and it was also reported that Kornet barricaded himself in the building of the Interior Ministry.

At the same time, the website of Plotnytsky reported that he retired Ihor Kornet due to the opening of the criminal proceeding against Kornet. Then the website of the Interior Ministry appealed to Plotnytsky with a request to not persecute Kornet. The workers claimed that Kornet was belied ‘to discredit the interior ministry and subvert the LPR’.

However, Ihor Kornet claimed in a few hours that they detained the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group at the territory of LPR. And the statements on his dismissal were falsified by the LPR officials.

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According to Kornet, they detained the majority of the subverters but they continue to search for the remained and their allies. Moreover, Anastasiya Shurkaeva, the director of LPR TV Company was accused of involvement in the activity of the Ukrainian special services. Later Plotnytsky ordered to arrest Shurkaeva.

‘The law enforcements’ also determined that Iryna Teytsman, the Head of the Administration of LPR Head and Evgen Selivestrov, the Head of State Security Service of the LPR Interior Ministry are involved in the take-over scenario in 2016. Plotnytsky also ordered to arrest them.

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Moreover, Plotnytsky made an official statement after the words of Kornet.

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‘This situation is the continuation of the personnel changes due to the legal retirement of the Interior Minister. The current actions confirmed one more time that the made decision is right. The attempts of the particular structures of the Interior Ministry to appeal the decision of the court and petition of the Committee of the National Council of LPR on State Security and Defense, work of the law enforcements and court system, legality, defense of the rights, freedoms of a person and citizen went over the allowed edge’, Plotnytsky claimed.

Also, he assured that the statement of Kornet does not have any legal grounds or power.

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‘Kornet was legally dismissed yesterday. We have the decision of the court, petition of the Committee of the National Council of LPR and new acting Interior Minister of LPR’.

Also, LPR leader claimed that he did not order to arrest Anastasiya Shurkaeva, Iryna Teytsman and Evgen Selivestrov. He concluded that the situation in Luhansk is under the control and there are no reasons for panic.

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