Medvedchuk explained need for opposition law

Politician gave example of changes in budget proposed by People's Front
22:03, 25 November 2019

Viktor Medvedchuk
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The Law on Opposition is necessary for the political force, which has become oppositional, to be able to exercise its functions, duties, and powers in the interests of those who voted for it. The duty of the opposition is to control those who have come to power and therefore it needs mechanisms of control over the power. The Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform - For Life Party, MP Viktor Medvedchuk said this on the Newsone TV channel.

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"When you come to the government, think about the fact that you are with power today, and tomorrow you are in opposition. And you should not be, not comfortable, this characteristic does not fit. You should be comfortable with your functions, your duties and your powers so that you can exercise them in the interests of those who voted for you, but taking into account the fact that it was not enough, you could not come to power. And that's why it's your duty to control that power. It means that you need to get control mechanisms over this power," Medvedchuk said.

According to the opposition politician, the MPs of the Rada of VIII convocation from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and the People's Front couldn't pass the law on the opposition, because, firstly, they "settled scores with each other" and, secondly, because "they had no unity all the time.

"Verkhovna Rada was dissolved prematurely. They thought they would have time until October. Do you understand? Moreover, they had such an unbalanced policy or attitude, they were so unbalanced because they... First of all, they were settling scores with each other. Secondly, they did not have unity all the time. Because it was all under threat, under some conditions of deals between one and the other, it all happened. Because there were half of the People's Front representatives in the government, the president somehow made decisions through this government. Then, of course, there were these 80 people or 84 MPs in the People’s Front faction, and they had to be agreed with because there was no majority. And now it was not a time of political cooperation in the interests of people, but a time of political deals for the sake of some interests of one or another political force," Medvedchuk explained.

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The politician gave an example of the changes in the budget proposed by the People's Front.

"Here is what the People’s Front said: "We need to make some changes in the budget that are useful to us. Why are we useful? Well, individual MPs. Certain corporate structures. Separate commercial interests. And they insisted - Poroshenko could not do anything. Because although he had more MPs, he understood that without them he wouldn't accept the budget, without them they wouldn't conduct or pass any law, where this particular, I would say, certain economic interest, i.e. business interest, is far from legal. And that is why all this did not give them an opportunity to think about the future and what, maybe, how to think about putting straws on when you fall? That's what you asked. But they didn't come to that. That is, you don't need a straw, you don't have to fall, but you always have to think. ", - Medvedchuk concluded.

As we reported, Medvedchuk said that everyone has the constitutional right to receive land, not only those who work on this land in agriculture or in rural areas but also city residents.

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