Lviv region entered “red” zone on October 30

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The worst situation is now in the Lviv region, however, an increase in the incidence and occupancy of the bed fund is observed throughout the territory of the Lviv region, except for the city of Morshyn, where only 22 patients were registered
14:48, 28 October 2021

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Lviv region goes into the "red" zone from October 30 as Lviv Regional State Administration reported.

"Yesterday, the State Commission on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies adopted a decision on the introduction of the" red "zone in several regions, including in Lviv, from October 30. In this regard, the regional commissions on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies supported such a decision and determined a list of restrictive measures that will operate in the region," the message says.

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The worst situation is now in the Lviv region, however, an increase in the incidence and occupancy of the bed fund is observed throughout the territory of the Lviv region, except for the city of Morshyn, where only 22 patients were registered.

Thus, the following things will be prohibited from October 30:

  1. Reception of visitors by business entities that carry out activities in the field of public catering (bars, restaurants, cafes, etc.), in addition to the provision of catering services using targeted delivery and take-out orders and catering establishments at airports;
  2. Reception of visitors in shopping and entertainment centers, except for the reception of visitors in institutions specified in subparagraph 4 of this paragraph, and in centers and points for vaccination of the population from Covid;
  3. Reception of visitors in other entertainment establishments;
  4. Reception of visitors by business entities operating in the field of trade and consumer services for the population, except for those that:
  • sell goods on trading areas, at least 60% of which is intended for trade in food, fuel, medicines, medical products, hygiene products, household chemicals, communications, print media, veterinary drugs, feed, seeds, planting material, fertilizers and plant protection products, without restricting the access of visitors to other goods presented in the assortment of these economic entities;
  • carry out trading activities for the implementation of targeted delivery of orders;
  • carry out activities for the provision of financial services, the activities of financial institutions and activities for the collection and transportation of currency values, the activities of postal operators;
  • medical practice, veterinary practice, petrol stations (without food zones), activities for the maintenance and repair of vehicles, repair of computers, household goods, personal items, laundry and dry cleaning of textiles and fur products, hairdressing salons, beauty salons by appointment;
  • waste collection and preparation;
  • activities for the provision of telecommunications services.
  1. Reception of visitors by cultural institutions, holding cultural mass events, except for the work of auto concerts, autocinemas, historical and cultural reserves, business entities whose activities are related to the production of audiovisual works, in particular, the implementation of cinema and video filming, subject to restricting access to the shooting location (set ) by unauthorized persons and the use by personnel (other than actors during the filming process) involved in the production of an audiovisual work of personal protective equipment, in particular, respirators or protective masks that cover the nose and mouth. Audiovisual production activities are not a mass event.
  2. Reception in gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools of visitors, except for athletes of the national teams of Ukraine and their coaches for the conditions of compliance with sanitary anti-epidemic measures;
  3. Holding of all mass (entertainment, sports, social, advertising, other) events, except for official sports events included in the Unified Schedule of Physical Culture and Recreation and Sports Events of Ukraine and matches of team game sports, professional sports without spectators, subject to the participants' compliance with the relevant sanitary and anti-epidemic measures and the implementation of mandatory daily monitoring of the health of participants, measures for the certification of applicants, measures for assessing the quality of education;
  4. Market activities other than food markets;
  5. Visits to educational institutions by applicants for education, except for applicants for preschool education, students of special educational institutions and grades 1-4 of general secondary education, as well as except for educational institutions, all of whose employees have a document confirming the receipt of a full course of vaccination or international, domestic or foreign a certificate confirming vaccination against Covid with one dose of a single-zone or two doses of a two-zone vaccine, or a negative PCR test, or a document confirming a person's recovery from Covid, the action of which is confirmed using the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services, in particular, in the application "Diya;
  6. Boarding passengers on road or rail transport, which provides communication between regions. The restriction does not apply to persons under 18 years of age, as well as in the presence of a negative test for Covid 19 - PCR or express test, which were carried out in no more than 72 hours, or a document confirming the completion of the full course of vaccination, or a document confirming the recovery of a person from Covid;
  7. Carrying out of planned hospitalization measures by state and municipal health care institutions, except for:
  • provision of medical care due to the complicated course of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • provision medical care to pregnant women, women in labor, women in childbirth, newborns;
  • provision of medical care in specialized departments of healthcare institutions to patients with oncological and pulmonological diseases;
  • provision of palliative care in inpatient conditions;
  • provision of routine medical care by national health institutions providing tertiary (highly specialized) medical care, subject to the appropriate sanitary and anti-epidemic measures;
  • carrying out other urgent measures for hospitalization, if as a result of their transfer there is a significant risk to life or health of people.
  1. Operation of aerial ropeways;
  2. Staying without wearing personal protective equipment on the territory of health care and educational institutions, in underground passages, at public transport stops and in other common areas in case of impossibility of observing a social distance of at least 1 m;
  3. Activities of establishments providing accommodation services.

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The restrictions provided for in paragraphs 1-8, 12, 14 do not apply if all participants, visitors, users, except for those who have not reached the age of 18, and the organizers and co-organizers of the event (market employees) have a negative test result for Covid by PCR or express -test carried out no more than 72 hours before the event / visit to an institution, market, or a document confirming the full course of vaccination, or a document confirming recovery from Covid, the action of which is confirmed using the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services, in particular, the "Diay" application.

As it was reported earlier, Healthcare Minister of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko stated that Zhytomyr, Luhansk, Lviv, Khmelnytsky and Chernihiv regions will enter the red zone of epidemic danger soon.

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Besides, the red level of epidemic danger remains in the Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Odessa, Sumy, Kherson, Rivne and Mykolaiv regions.


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