Long way home: Ukrainians who returned home due to prisoner swap

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Some of the released Ukrainians spent almost 5 years in captivity
19:00, 30 December 2019

Ukrainians who returned home in prisoner swap
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A major prisoner swap took place at Mayorske checkpoint in Donetsk region on December 29. 76 people returned to Ukraine from the uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk region, among them 12 military servicemen and 64 civilians.

Full list:

Military servicemen

  1. Volodymyr Voskoboinyk
  2. Oleksandr Heimur
  3. Serhiy Hlondar
  4. Ivan Deyev
  5. Kim Duvanov
  6. Yuriy Yevtoshok
  7. Vasyl Zhemelinsky
  8. Serhiy Ivanchuk
  9. Oleksandr Korinkov
  10. Bohdan Pantiushenko
  11. Borys Pundor
  12. Roman Fursov


  1. Eduard Aloyan
  2. Vitaly Anikimov
  3. Stanislav Aseev
  4. Larysa Bahnenko
  5. Dmytro Batrak
  6. Yevhen Brazhnikov
  7. Volodymyr Burtsev
  8. Vitaly Buyanov
  9. Viktoria Voronina
  10. Oleh Halaziuk
  11. Roman His
  12. Tetiana Honcharova
  13. Yevhen Horban
  14. Tetiana Horbulych
  15. Olha Hubkina
  16. Oleksandr Danylchenko
  17. Volodymyr Danylchenko
  18. Vasyl Derkach
  19. Valentyna Yeremenko
  20. Andriy Zhenchus
  21. Olena Zavalna
  22. Vadym Zavatsky
  23. Natalia Karachor
  24. Dmytro Karpuk
  25. Ivan Katyshev
  26. Serhiy Keriukhin
  27. Denys Koval
  28. Roman Korkishko
  29. Andriy Kochmuradov
  30. Yakiv Kryvosheyev
  31. Oleh Kulakov
  32. Ihor Kulysh
  33. Olena Lazareva
  34. Zinaida Maltseva
  35. Anastasiya Mukhina
  36. Serhiy Nikolaev
  37. Denys Oliynyk
  38. Oleksandr Paukov
  39. Stanislav Pechenkin
  40. Roman Pysanets
  41. Kyrylo Polikarpov
  42. Oleksandr Poliakov
  43. Oleksandr Repetylo
  44. Serhiy Robak
  45. Veleriy Romanchenko
  46. Vasyl Savin
  47. Denys Sekatsky
  48. Valeriy Semenov
  49. Anatoliy Semyrenko
  50. Veleriy Sokolov
  51. Olena Sorokina
  52. Oleh Suherey
  53. Valeriy Tarasyuk
  54. Maksym Teorenter
  55. Halyna Tereshchenko
  56. Oleksandr Tymofeev
  57. Yuriy Tuchyn
  58. Serhiy Usatiuk
  59. Vadym Khalymendyk
  60. Yevhen Tsyhanok
  61. Maryna Chuikova
  62. Ruslan Sheiter
  63. Alla Yarmyshko
  64. Andriy Yarovy

Military servicemen

The first one in the list of the released Ukrainians is Volodymyr Voskoboinyk. He volunteered to participate in Donbas conflict at the age of 19, having left behind his mother and four sisters, as BBC writes. Military serviceman of the 30th Detached Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he was captured by the militants on May 23, 2018. The so-called count of the “DPR” sentenced him to 30 years of imprisonment.

Bohdan Pantiushenko, under the call sign “Armour,” spent in captivity almost 5 years. He is a tank operator of the Separate Tank Battalion, which is now a line battalion of 53rd Brigade. He and his two fellow soldier were captured in January 2015 during the battles near the village of Spartak near Donetsk airport.

Oleksandr Heimur, Kim Duvanov and Borys Pundor were captured on May 22 this year, while driving the truck on the occupied territory. According to the press service of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, three more soldiers of the armored infantry battalion, who were captured May 22, remain in captivity of the "DPR".

"There is no information why they are not included in the list for exchange and have not returned home yet," the message says.

Serhiy Hlondar and Oleksandr Korinkov were captured on February 16, 2015 in the last days of the Debaltseve Cauldron. The soldiers escorted a convoy of wounded and killed soldiers through the “corridor,” but their detachment was ambushed. Of a group of nine, two were seriously injured, two were killed, and five were captured.

Serhiy Ivanchuk is the chief of the engineering service of the 8th Special Forces Regiment from Khmelnytsky, with the call sign “Landmine.” On February 5, 2017, he was captured by the “LPR” group with fellow serviceman, sergeant Ivan Deyev. The militants accused the soldiers of terrorism and “sentenced” to 20 years in prison.

Serhiy Ivanchuk, Ukrainian serviceman released in prisoner swap, 2019

Yuriy Yevtushok, a serviceman of the 14th Detached Mechanized Brigade, was captured in May 2018 when advancing to the front observation post. Yuriy is a native of Lyuboml of Volyn Region.

Vasyl Zhemelynsky - operator of the secret communications department of the 34th Battalion of the 57th Brigade. In February 2018, he was captured in Donetsk region, circumstances are being clarified.

Roman Fursov for some time was considered dead in a battle on November 23 in the area of ​​the village of Krymske (Novoaydars district of Luhansk region). A fighter of the 16th Motorized Infantry Battalion of the 58th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade was captured in November 2017 during a battle in Krymske.


Civil detainees

Among the people who passed the exchange between Ukraine and the Donbas militants were women, their 15 people. In particular, the militants sentenced Victoria Voronina to 12 years in prison for allegedly collaborating with the Security Service of Ukraine and "espionage in favor of Ukraine."

Eduard Aloyan, a resident of occupied Alchevsk who was involved in passenger transportation through the demarcation line, was “sentenced” to the same term.

Olha Hubkina, a resident of occupied Donetsk, was also “accused” of “espionage in favor of Ukraine”. According to the story of Olha’s daughter, in the summer of 2017, her mother was summoned for questioning to the so-called “MGB” (Ministry of State Security, - ed.), Where she was detained.

Anastasia Mukhina is a 70-year-old resident of occupied Lugansk. According to media reports, she was detained in February 2018 when she was gluing a postcard on a neighboring house: ‘Donbas, get up! Russia has betrayed you! Choose your future, choose Ukraine!’

Olena Sorokina disappeared in the fall of 2018, was the owner of a pet store in the occupied Pervomaisk and did not hide her pro-Ukrainian position. According to a friend of Olena, this could be the reason for her detention. For a long time, rumors circulated around the city about her execution. As the President’s Office noted, during the liberation on the Mayorsk checkpoint, Olena got off the bus in a T-shirt with the inscription “My Power is Ukraine”, probably made by hand.

Vitali Anikimov disappeared at a checkpoint near Debaltseve, Donetsk region on September 16, 2016 after returning from his grandmother, who lives in occupied Alchevsk.

Stanislav Aseev - Ukrainian writer, journalist and blogger, member of PEN Ukraine. Prior to his arrest, Aseev collaborated with a number of Ukrainian media, in particular with Radio Liberty, while in occupied Donetsk, and wrote articles for the Radio Donbas.Realiy project under the pseudonym Stanislav Vasin.

Anatoliy Semyrenko was charged with espionage and recruitment of self-proclaimed "republic’s" servicemen and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. The same term was allegedly “given” to Denys Oliynyk for state treason.

Larysa Bahnenko worked as a nurse in the regional hospital named after Kalinin, lived in occupied Donetsk, where she disappeared on February 21, 2019. Four people came to her apartment, three of whom were dressed in civilian clothes. Another one looked like a police officer. The illegal formations have accused Larysa of espionage.

Dmytro Batrak lived in occupied Donetsk. He was detained by representatives of illegal armed groups at his wife's place of residence.

Yevhen Brazhnikov was detained by militants on July 29, 2016, in occupied Donetsk, while he was sitting in his own car. He was "accused" of possessing and distributing weapons, and assisting Ukrainian authorities.

Volodymyr Burtsev was detained in early May 2015 under unknown circumstances. It is known that militants accused him of "espionage".

Vitaly Buyanov - a resident of the occupied Alchevsk was detained in May 2015 by the so-called Alchevsky Commandery on the charges of state treason. During his detention, searches were conducted in Buyanov's apartment, radio equipment and diplomas were seized.

Ivan Katyshev was a member of the group of so-called "Ukrainian saboteurs". Among other things, he was accused of the murder of Oleg Anaschenko, the "police chief" of the People's Militia Department of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic.

Oleh Halaziuk - a blogger, who resided in the occupied Torez of Donetsk region, worked as a teacher at the local faculty of the Kharkiv Institute of Economics of Market Relations and Management. In June 2014, his brother Vitalii reported Oleh’s disappearance. However, August 2017 is considered to be the date of his disappearance.

Roman His was detained in occupied Donetsk in 2017. A year earlier (in the summer of 2016) Tetiana Honcharova had also been detained in occupied Donetsk. Her apartment was searched - the laptop and all documents, including a passport, were seized.

Yevhen Horban lived in occupied Donetsk, where he was captured in 2017, while being on his way to friend’s birthday party. His vehicle was seized during the search.

Vasyl Derkach lived in the occupied Zugres-2 of Donetsk region. It became known in the spring of 2018 that Vasyl was in captivity – he had been captured and taken to Donetsk. According to an eyewitness, the prisoner was beaten multiple times.

Andriy Zhenchus, a resident of occupied Donetsk, disappeared at Olenivka checkpoint in April 2018.

In October 2017, two unknown persons took Olena Zavalna from her apartment. Her laptop and mobile phone were seized during the searches.

Natalia Karachor lived in the occupied Shakhtarskyi of Donetsk region and looked after a man who had undergone two major surgeries. The woman was captured on April 4, 2018, at her home.

Dmytro Karpuk is a resident of Kyiv. He was captured in July 2017, while heading to the capital of Ukraine from occupied Donetsk.

Serhiy Keriukhin - registered in occupied Donetsk, but lived in Lyman of Donetsk region. He worked as the head of the structural unit of "Lyman motor wagon depot", which was the regional branch of Donetsk railway PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia. He was apprehended during a checkpoint crossing in April 2018, when he was heading to Donetsk to visit his parents' burial sites.

Denys Koval disappeared on August 31, 2016 - on that day unknown persons came at his home address and detained him. The militants charged him with "espionage". Programmer Andriy Kochmuradov, along with his wife, Olena Lazareva, was detained under the same charge in 2017.

Yakiv Kryvosheyev was detained in June 2016 during a raid at the computer club in occupied Donetsk. He was accused of espionage.

Oleh Kulakov lived in the occupied town of Nyzhnia Krynka, Donetsk region. On July 20, 2017, unknown people abducted him from his home.

The resident of the occupied Gorlivka, Donetsk region, Ihor Kulysh was detained in June 2016 - the man went for a walk with his friend and did not return back. The friends were charged with cooperation with Ukraine’s State Security Service and organization of a terrorist act (with the aim of eliminating a high-ranking official of the temporary occupied Donbas region) on Ukraine's uncontrolled territory.

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