Lockdown in Ukraine: Which cities impose hard restrictions

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A number of Ukrainian regions, one after another, began to introduce quarantine restrictions due to an increase in the number of people infected with the coronavirus. In addition to Kyiv, a partial lockdown is introduced in Mykolaiv, Poltava, Lviv, Vinnytsia. But in Ternopil, they decided to restrict the use of public transport during rush hours for pensioners
23:04, 22 March 2021

lockdown in Ukraine
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Mykolaiv strengthened quarantine on March 16. The City Council appealed to the heads of universities with a proposal to postpone the start of studies at 10:00 in order to reduce the traffic load during the morning rush hour.

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On March 21, the regional commission on fuel and energy security and emergency situations decided to introduce a strict lockdown in Mykolaiv from March 24 to April 4.


  • the work of cultural institutions (cinemas, theaters, museums, concert halls will be closed);
  • operation of the shopping and entertainment center (except for grocery stores, pharmacies, pet stores, stores selling hygiene products and household chemicals);
  • work of fairs "weekend";
  • conducting religious services (if the area of ​​the premises is not provided for at least 10 square meters for 1 person);
  • holding mass events (entertainment, sports, cultural, advertising and others);
  • the presence of spectators at sporting events.

Cafes and restaurants will be open to take away. The work of gas stations is allowed without the work of the cafe. Beauty salons will be open by appointment. As well as fitness centers and gyms – but without group classes. Kindergartens will continue to work.

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After the holidays, schools will return to their studies, but remotely. All enterprises and organizations in the public sector are switching to telecommuting. Private businesses should also switch to a remote form of work as much as possible, except for critical infrastructure enterprises.

Public transport will operate in compliance with strict passenger and mask regulations and 50% occupancy of seats.

Markets are allowed to work until next Sunday, but this week raids will be carried out with the involvement of specialists from the State Food Service and the police. In case of non-compliance with quarantine requirements, markets of any form will be closed from Monday, March 29.

While the restrictions apply only to the city of Mykolaiv, in case of a deterioration of the situation in the region, appropriate decisions will be made.

Dnipropetrovsk region

The regional commission for emergency situations in the Dnipropetrovsk region has strengthened quarantine since March 20, and the region has moved into the "orange" quarantine zone.


  • mass events with the participation of more than 20 people;
  • the work of accommodation establishments (hostels, tourist centers, etc.), except for hotels;
  • planned hospital admissions;
  • work of gyms, fitness centers, cultural institutions;
  • acceptance of new changes in children's camps.

Kyiv region


Bucha town council (near Kyiv) imposed a quarantine on March 18. All public events were canceled, and students in grades 5-11 were transferred to distance learning for 10 days.

In Irpin, the city authorities introduced such a decision from March 17 to April 5.

On March 19, the Ministry of Health moved the entire Kiev region to the "red" zone. The lockdown will start at 00:00 Sunday, March 21, and will last until April 9.

It is forbidden to hold divine services, it is allowed only if the area of ​​the premises is at least 10 sq. m per person. As well as the transportation of passengers on bus routes, trams, trolleybuses in the amount of more than 50% of the seats.

Restaurants, bars and cafes will be open for takeout and delivery. SEC and shops will not work, except for pharmacies, pet stores, household chemicals stores. The activity of markets and fairs is prohibited.

Students of educational institutions of the region, except for kindergartens, special educational institutions, after the holidays will study remotely.

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In Lviv, from Friday, March 19, an enhanced quarantine began to operate. The restrictions will last until March 28. The corresponding decision was made on March 17 by the city commission on fuel and energy security and emergency situations.

  • Restaurants, cafes do not work (only takeaway and delivery);
  • Closed shopping malls (with the exception of pharmacies, pet stores and grocery stores);
  • The work of cultural institutions is prohibited;
  • Gyms, beauty salons are open by appointment, and hardware stores are open for pre-order.

Primary school students went on vacation, and students in grades 5-11 are studying remotely from March 16.

There are grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and markets, as well as kindergartens and transport.

On March 18, the regional commission for technogenic and environmental safety and emergency situations (TEB and ES) introduced a lockdown in the whole region from March 19 to March 29.


  • activities of catering establishments (bars, restaurants, cafes), except for take-away and delivery;
  • the work of the shopping and entertainment center;
  • reception of visitors in other entertainment establishments;
  • activities in the field of trade and consumer services for the population.
  • Banks, post offices, veterinary clinics, gas stations, beauty salons, workshops by appointment are allowed.

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In Vinnytsia, since March 13, restrictions on the "red" zone have been introduced, banning:

  • holding mass (entertainment, sports, social, advertising and other) events, except for official sports events and matches of professional sports clubs without spectators;
  • reception of visitors by cultural institutions and cultural events;
  • the work of gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, except for the training of athletes of the national teams of Ukraine.

However, cafes and restaurants in the city continued to work.

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Restrictions were also introduced by the Bar City Council, in addition to the restrictions in force in Vinnitsa, they added a ban on catering establishments to receive visitors.

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Kharkiv region

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In the Kharkiv region and Kharkiv, from March 18, the following restrictions were introduced:

  • it is prohibited to hold mass events (sports, cultural, entertainment, social, religious, scientific, educational) with the participation of more than one person per 4 sq. m of building area or open area. The halls must be not more than 50% full;
  • it is prohibited to receive visitors in cinemas and cultural institutions with a content of more than 50%;
  • it is prohibited to operate gyms and fitness centers that cannot provide the ability to accommodate one person per 10 sq. m, pools - more than 4 people on the track;
  • schools are switching to distance learning, except for students in grades 1-4;
  • institutions of professional and vocational education, professional before higher and higher education are also recommended to switch to distance learning.


In Poltava, from March 20, it is prohibited:

  • visiting educational institutions, except for 6th year students and interns who receive education in medical fields and are involved in overcoming the consequences of the spread of Covid-19, kindergartens, grades 1-4 of schools will operate;
  • receiving visitors in cultural institutions and holding cultural mass events (entertainment, social, advertising and others) and holding mass religious meetings;
  • the work of the shopping and entertainment center;
  • work of entertainment establishments (discos, night clubs, etc.).

Gyms, fitness centers, cinemas, retail establishments, markets, buses and minibuses should strengthen the implementation of anti-epidemic measures.

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Khmelnytsky is stepping up quarantine measures from Monday, March 22:

  • it is prohibited to hold all public events, including cultural and sports;
  • it is prohibited to conduct extracurricular activities of the circles;
  • teachers and educators are transferred to a remote form of work;
  • it was recommended that universities switch to distance learning.

As for the work of public transport, the activities of trade establishments and the restaurant business, everything remains as it is now. Kindergartens continue to work.

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In Ternopil, the city authorities made a decision that differs from all other cities. There, at rush hours, the travel of pensioners was limited. They will be able to take advantage of the reduced fare from 10:00 to 16:00.

Also, in public transport, control over observance of the mask regime and the number of passengers is being strengthened.

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Six areas in the "red" zone

In addition to these regions, severe restrictions are now in force in other areas that are in the "red" zone of epidemic danger. These are Zhytomyr, Zakarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, and Chernivtsi regions.

On March 20, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine announced that Kiev and the Odesa region will also be included in the "red" zone since March 23.

However, the Odessa mayor's office has not yet had official decisions, they said that they would wait three days before assembling a commission on fuel and energy security and emergency situations and introducing restrictions on the "red" zone.

In the "orange" zone: Vinnytsia, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Luhansk, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Poltava, Sumy, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy, Chernigov regions.

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