Locations to be added to UNESCO lists burn out in Chornobyl exclusion zone

Source : 112 Ukraine

Belarus offered assistance in extinguishing a fire with helicopters
15:29, 14 April 2020

Fire in Chornobyl exclusion zone
Serhiy Gashchak

The places in the Chornobyl exclusion zone that were planned to be added to the UNESCO list are burning out. Member of the public council of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management Yaroslav Ymelyanenko said this on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel. He added that Ukraine was losing the Chornobyl zone.

According to him, the village of Lelev in the exclusion zone has already burned out. This village showed the life of people who lived there before the Chornobyl disaster. In addition, the Soviet recreation center Emerald was completely burned.

“The recreation center consisted of wooden houses that were decorated with authentic drawings. Chornobyl zone is a territory filled with a history of people who lived there before the accident, and those events that took place at the moment of liquidation of the accident. And, unfortunately, all these locations now and then just burn out, along with our work on them, because this year we started the process of entering these locations on UNESCO lists. And I understand that now after this fire the lists will be substantially corrected,” Ymelyanenko said.

He added that this fire in the Chornobyl zone is the largest in recent years. The fire has already reached the Yanov station and the environs of Pripyat, where it was possible to localize it. However, the wind began to drive fire to the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, in front of which the grass floor was already burning. Radioactive burial grounds are near the fire now.

On the territory of the fire, the radioactive background is higher now, but it does not exceed the level established for this territory. It should be noted that these indicators are not significantly harmful to human health.

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Yemelyanenko added that Belarus offered to help with helicopters that will be extinguishing the fire because the fire is approaching the borders with Belarus.

Earlier, it was reported that five hectares of forest planting in the exclusion zone have burned out. It took place as a result of the incineration of dry grass and garbage.

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