Kyiv to use Grenoble technology to preserve excavation finds

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French city of Grenoble has already served as an example for Kyiv in another sphere
16:11, 24 September 2018

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Kyiv plans to use ARC Nucle Art laboratory technology (Grenoble, France) to preserve artefacts that have already been discovered and are yet to be found during the excavations on Poshtova Square. The deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Valentyn Mondryivsky announced this, as the press service of the administration reports.

"On September 23, our delegation returned from an official trip to Grenoble. The main thing is that the Grenoble laboratory is ready to help us and share experience and technology. We have repeatedly heard from various experts that there are no wood preservation technologies in Ukraine and in the whole world, but we found the specialists. The laboratory staff introduced our delegation to all existing technologies of preservation of archaeological wood, showed all the stages of this complicated process, including one with the use of radiation. They are not only ready to share the technologies, but also to take our specialists for training," Mondryivsky said.

Mondryivsky added that the ARC Nucle Art laboratory staff would visit Kyiv and the site of excavations on Poshtova Square and study plans to create the Center for preservation of archaeological object and give advice and recommendations.

“Let's not forget that there are several places of excavations in Kyiv where the artefacts were found, but no one can preserve them. That is why Kyiv council provided for the creation of the Center for the preservation of archaeological objects. It will be the only such center in Ukraine,” he said.

Mondryivsky informed that after the completion of archaeological research an international competition for the creation of the museum on Poshtova Square will be announced.

"The position of Mayor and his team on the creation of the museum on Poshtova Square was defined back in 2015, - the museum will be built and it’s final. But it should be the experts in the museum business, historians, architects and archaeologists who decide what kind of a museum it will be," he added.

Valentyn Mondryivsky also reminded that the city of Grenoble has already served as a model for Kyiv in another sphere.

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"When we just started implementing the reform of outdoor advertising, Grenoble was also among the cities which we took as an example. Then the mayor of the town (Grenoble) with a population of a little more than 160,000, prohibited any kind of outdoor advertising on the street, and it was planned to plant trees on these places. I think we should use the idea with the trees," Mondryivsky noted.  

As it was reported earlier, protesters blocked the pedestrian zone on Poshtova Square in Kyiv because the excavation site has been flooded. The flooding of excavations began due to the main pipeline break. Because of the flooding, artefacts of XI-XII centuries were damaged.

Earlier, on June 7, a fight occurred at the session of Kyiv city council. The activists who demand to create the Museum of Kyiv's History at Poshtova Square, broke the doors in the session hall of the city council's building. Kyiv city council failed to vote for suspension of the agreement with the tenant builder, not collecting enough votes. The respective draft law was only approved in the first reading in April. The draft foresees passage of the land parcel and the unfinished museum to the state-run Centre of Kyiv Archaeology. Various construction projects are now considered on the international contest; the winner will get the right to construct the building. 

Poshtova Square (Poshtova Ploshcha) is the main entrance of the Podil district of Kyiv. Here, near the Church of the Nativity of Christ, at a depth of 100 meters underground a street of the Kyivan Rus is situated. So, three years ago, during the archaeological excavations, many artifacts of the Middle Ages were found here - prince prints, coins, rings, wooden piles, balls and pendants.

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