Kyiv dispatcher threatened Belavia pilot with fighter jets

Source : 112 Ukraine

The conversation transcript of Kyiv dispatcher and Belavia pilot is published
13:21, 1 November 2016

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Transcripts of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic controllers and a pilot of Belavia flight that was forced to return to Zhuliany airport in Kyiv were published on October, 21, reported by Belarus Today.

Here is the “Text extract of voice communications of flight recorder of the flight В–2–840 on October, 21, 2016” without changes.

— Belavia–840, Kyiv-Radar.

Pilot: “I’m listening.”

Dispatcher: “Belavia–840, we received an instruction: you have to return to the departure aerodrome Zhuliany. In case of non-compliance an interception aircraft will be dispatched.”

Pilot: “What happened?”

Dispatcher: “I cannot voice it on air. You will find out everything upon your arrival.”

Pilot: “I don’t understand, who told you this?”

The pilot did not get an answer and repeated his question: “Belavia –840, who provided you with this information?”

Dispatcher: “Belavia–840 — It’s Ukraerocenter.”

Pilot: “And what is the reason?”

Dispatcher: “I received instructions to get you back to the departure aerodrome.”

Pilot: “Zhuliany, right?”

Dispatcher: “That’s right, Zhuliany.”

Pilot: “Very well. We’re turning back.”

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According to the Belarusian daily, there are conversations of the crew inside the plane available in the transcript.

Dispatcher: “Belavia–840, Kyiv-Radar.”

Pilot: “Yes.”

Dispatcher: “Belavia–840, dispatcher is speaking. The information about your return to Zhuliany airport came from military authorities. You will get a more detailed report after the landing.”

Pilot: “It’s clear. We’re going back.”

Belavia company, the national air transport operator of Belarus, stated that Ukraine forced their aircraft to land in Zhuliany airport in Kyiv. The passenger plane was on its way from Kyiv to Minsk, but the Ukrainian side ordered the crew to turn back and land in Zhuliany.

At 15.55 Belavia’s aircraft landed in Zhuliany. Upon the re-boarding, Ukrainian law enforcers detained a passenger who proved to be the citizen of Armenia. Later that day, he was released and continued his trip to Minsk, having boarded on another aircraft.

Belavia’s management apologized to their passengers for the inconveniences. The Belarusian side will demand compensation for the losses suffered due to the unscheduled return to Zhuliany.

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