Killer for MP. What do we know about Pavlo Parshov

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Parshov was trained in a saboteurs school and Internal Ministry has information that he is wanted for money laundering, according to Anton Herashchenko,
17:44, 24 March 2017

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The former State Duma MP Denis Voronenkov was killed in Kyiv downtown on March 23. The killer shot him 4 times and after that he himself was gravely wounded by Voronenkov’s bodyguard. The name of the murderer was already made public, - its Pavlo Parshov but the information of his identity is contradictory. We gathered everything we know about Parshov as of now.

According to sources of Obozrevatel agency, Parshov’s bag was found at the crime scene near the “Premier Palace” hotel. In the bag, there were two extracts from the order: the first one dated from August 2015 about enrollment in the military unit of the National Guard of Ukraine, and the second one (as of August 2016) – about resignation and removal from the allowances list.

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Among the documents there was an ID of the war veteran for Pavlo Oleksandrovych Parshov (with a signature of the commander National Guard Yuriy Allerov).

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According to Internal Ministry's database, a man with this name and surname is wanted for fictitious entrepreneurship and money laundering. He disappeared in Dnipro city on November 25, 2011.

Parshov was the owner and director of two enterprises, Obozrevatel reported. One of them was registered in Odesa (business activity- construction) and the second one is in Dnipro city (wholesale trade of construction materials). Odesa’s agency writes that Parshov was a member of a group who decided to organize a network of fictitious companies and self-employed persons for providing construction services and purchase of agricultural products. Allegedly Parshov had skills of hand-to-hand combat and ensured the safety of money transportation, and the companies were registered on his name.

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According to the data in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Self-Employed Persons, his business in Dnipro suspended its activity in March 2011 when Parshov was issued a wanted notice.

The agency also has information about numerous lawsuits with these two enterprises as figurants. In particular, they were involved in the investigation of a criminal case about the activity of the conversion center that operated in several regions of Ukraine.

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Parshov’s father also had problems with law, according to Obozrevatel. He was convicted under Part 2, Article 189 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (extortion) in 2002 and for inflicting middle bodily harm in 2010.

Parshov was born in Sevastopol, Crimea and was scouted by Russian special forces in 2014, according to Internal Minister Adviser Anton Herashchenko.

Pavlo Parshov never left Ukraine officially. But in February 2015 he crossed Ukraine’s border with Belarus by foot. He has taken special training for saboteurs in Russia before returning to Ukraine, according to Herashchenko.

“Saboteurs school was created during Stalin’s NKVD. He was tasked to infiltrate Ukraine’s Armed Forces and National Guard units and pretend to be an ordinary soldier. A strong and healthy young man, Ukrainian, he successfully performed tasks for Russian special forces and served for a year in one of the units of the National Guard. He did not participate in military operations. He resigned in August, 2016. After that he waited for Moscow’s order to act,  he said,” Herashchenko wrote.

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The fact that Voronenkov's killer served in National Guard of Ukraine was confirmed by the adviser of the SBU head Yuriy Tandit, he suggested that Parshov could be bribed by Russian special services agency found the former commander of Parshov during his service in Mariupol in Donbas battalion. According to the commander, Pavlo Parshov transferred to the battalion from Azov battalion and he had connection with Karpatska Sich unit. But the press service of Azov battalion did not confirm he served in their unit.

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Pavlo Parshov had a code name “Boxer” and he resigned from Donbas battalion in 2016. According to his comrades-in-arms he was involved with the nationalistic organization Defense of Great Ukraine.

On the next day of Voronenkov’s murder a number if meadia agencies reported that a man named Pavlo Parshov is alive with a reference to the lawyer of Elenav Krechetnikova who allegedly defended his interests. But the information turned out to be unreliable, taken out of context by journalists.

“Pavlo Parshov is not my client. It was about the other client who was attacked by the journalists yesterday because he was wanted for the same accusation as Parshov. The journalists identified him by his year of birth and him being wanted, attacked him thought the social networks, trying to get some information. His name is Andriy Mandryk and he has nothing to do with the incident. He’s not familiar with the killer,” Krechetnikova told on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel.

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