Journalist Aseyev taken captive in DNR accused of murdering Motorola and Givi

Source : 112 Ukraine

The militants are trying to present him as a Ukrainian spy
21:50, 18 July 2018


The militants of the so-called DNR “attribute” to Stanislav Aseyev (Vasin), the journalist taken captive, working on the Ukrainian intelligence and murder of the terrorists Arsen Pavlov (Motorola) and Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi), as Yegor Firsov, ex-MP, wrote on Facebook.

According to him, publications started appearing in the militants’ online media which tell about allegedly found Stanislav’s diaries. In particular, some chapters are being published in which the militants are trying to show him as a spy, who was carrying out the orders of allegedly Ukrainian security forces.

“Stas is allegedly describing the events on his own behalf, where he introduces himself as least as James Bond, who had exploded Motorola and Givi himself. There has been the propaganda as well: in one of the episodes, Stas is “describing” the explosions of the phosphorus bombs launched by the Armed Forces. And there are lots of such blatant manipulations,” Firsov wrote.

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He specified that the militants’ aim is to “convince everyone that Stas is neither a journalist, nor a spy”, and then develop the prosecution on this. Besides, Firsov added that Aseyev is being blackmailed, he was told that his mother would be put into prison as an accessory.

“All this to make him slander himself before a camera and confirm everything written in the “diary”. This is possible. Knowing Stas, I am convinced that he can do everything to keep his mother safe,” the ex-MP noted.

According to the information, after Aseyev announced hunger strike, he was forced to eat.

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“But I wanted to warn and calm the officers of State Security Ministry and their Kremlin instructors. I have the authentic and fake Aseyev’s diary. To dispel doubts I attach a photo. So, there is no point to play all this comedy with a spy. Nobody will buy this gibberish, except the “republic’s patriots”,” Firsov wrote.

Earlier, the connection with Stanislav Aseyev, Donetsk blogger and author of Radio Donbas, disappeared on June 2, 2017. The militants were refusing to point where he was within a month. On June 11, 2017, the Security Service of Ukraine confirmed his disappearance and on July 28, the Russian side informed that he was kept on the occupied territory of Donbas where he is under a criminal proceeding controlled by the “DNR Prosecutor General Office”.

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