Joint Force Commander Serhiy Nayev: Who is he?

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Serhiy Nayev is not really a public figure but gathered all information about a new commander.
20:00, 16 March 2018

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The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not hold the intrigue on the person who will become the Joint Force Commander for too long.  However, there were the rumors, that Mykhailo Zabrodsky, the legendary combat general will head the Joint Forces operation. Moreover, Zabrodsky was a commander of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) and the Ukrainian detachments in Donbas began to take the 'grey zones' so such step would be logical. However, today the President Petro Poroshenko appointed Serhiy Nayev as the Joint Force Commander.

'The format of the anti-terrorist operation will be changed for Joint Forces operation. The guidance of the Armed Forces and other military formations and law enforcement authorities rely on the Joint Force Commander. I decided to appoint Sergiy Navaev to this post', the president said during his visit to Kramatorsk.

Serhiy Nayev is not really a public figure but gathered all information about a new commander.

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The officer is married and has two daughters and one son. According to the declaration dated 2016, he is registered in Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk region; he possesses Toyota RAV-4 of 2010. The parcel of the land in the size of 600 square meters in Koshary, Odesa region is registered at his wife; also, he has the cottage in Koshary. One more house is mentioned as unfinished in Sychavka, Odesa region. The annual wage of the general is $7, 520.

Talking about his combat way, it is known that he was a commander of the operational command 'East' in 2015-2017 and earlier he was a head of the headquarters 'South' of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Petro Poroshenko noted that during his military service Serhiy Nayev went from the commander of the troop to the Deputy Head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 'I saw him at the front line, in the ATO. I am sure that his level of the training and experience of the governance of the bodies of the military administrations of different levels will allow him to qualitatively and responsibly command the forces and means of the Armed Forces, other military formations and restrain the Russian aggression against Ukraine', the president emphasized.

Later Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayev held the service as the chief of the staff, the first deputy of the commander of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Consequently, he was acting commander in the time of his absence.

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Recently, on March 7, 2018, Viktor Muzhenko, the Chief of the General Staff presented newly appointed deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the personnel.

He was appointed as Joint Forces Commander on March 16.

In one of his interviews, a few years ago, Serhiy Nayev said: 'We already create a new army. All processes of the military education and settlement, both at the places of the permanent stay and the proving grounds, try the particular changes. The global processes that complement each other take place. We hold the military actions, reform the Armed Forces and renew the armament and military equipment. However, out main heritage are people. We have many soldiers who gained the military experiences. They will become the basis of the future army.  I am sure that it will be one of the best armies of the world. We have people, experience and desire of the governance of Ukraine for the better changes. So, I believe in the good future'.


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