Is Zelensky's Servant of the People becoming military party?

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Ukraine's new President uses hard-line rhetoric concerning resolving Donbas issue
11:34, 12 July 2019

Volodymyr Zelensky
Ukrainian President

Peace with Russia would not come after the parliamentary elections. The team of Volodymyr Zelensky makes it clearer and clearer every day.

Yesterday Mykyta Poturaev, a candidate from the Servant of the People party, proposed to rename Russia to Moscovia and deprive it of the right to the Russian language. Poturayev is not just a candidate from the Servant of the People list. He is also an adviser to Zelensky, as well as one of his main political consultants.

In general, after the story with the Ukraine-Russia television "bridge," Zelensky showed how they really relate to reconciliation, without which there will be no settlement of the Donbas conflict.

Poturaev came to an interview with Ukrlife YouTube channel. He suggested calling the Russian Federation Moscovia and rename the Ukrainian language into Russian. This idea came to Poturaev in connection with the supposedly urgent need to stop using "alien discourses."

Poturaev also expressed the version that Russia is "temporarily uncontrolled territories of the Chinese Republic." And then he put forward his second idea on renaming the Russian language.

In his opinion, it is needed in order to disavow the image of the Russian Federation as a protector of Russian-speaking people.

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Zelensky’s advisor did not clarify whether these renames would be recognized all over the world — and in Russia itself. Because if they do not recognize it, then nothing will prevent the Russian Federation from continuing to pursue its discourse.

That is, Russian policy will not change. Or the number of hotbeds of tension between countries would increase. For example, if the Russian Federation and Ukraine ever begin to sign treaties, then the stumbling block could be the name of Russia, which Poturayev proposed to call Moscovia.

These statements about Moscovia is another symptom that the president actually does not have any plans. Otherwise, they would not keep a person with such an attitude towards the northern neighbor in their team.

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Moreover, it was not a secret for a long time.

Another sign that the anti-Russian discourse will be the main one for Zelensky was an attack on the NewsOne TV channel. The president and the Security Service behaved like Poroshenko.

On NewsOne, which is owned by the associate of Viktor Medvedchuk (Russia’s Putin is a godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter, - ed.) and MP from the Opposition Platform - For Life party, Taras Kozak, conceived a television "bridge" with journalists from Russia24 channel. This caused a fierce reaction of the nationalists.

The radicals announced that they would press NewsOne hard, and if they did hold the space bridge, they would burn it. And even Zelensky, when he spoke with a video message, admitted that activists might crush the editorial board. However, the president did not warn them of a crime. On the contrary, he turned the arrows on Russia, saying that she could use pogrom against Ukraine in the international arena.

In parallel, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) recommended the National Security Council to impose sanctions against NewsOne. That is, actually, Bakanov proposed closing the channel.

In addition, he demanded that the Antimonopoly Committee and the National Council on TV deal with the channel.  Prosecutor General’s Office opened a case on state treason on the TV channel, the president did not criticize it; that is, he apparently agrees with this approach.

Zelensky himself literally yesterday again supported the attack on NewsOne TV channel.

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"The monopolization of television space by people with pro-Russian views is unacceptable," he said. He added that this issue will be settled at the legislative level after the election of a new Verkhovna Rada.

However, less than two weeks are left before the elections - and during this time, even if you want to turn off the channel, you will not have time for it. But there is a risk that the attack will continue.

And how to measure the pro-Russian views? In fact, Zelensky’s statements on the eve of the elections about the need for negotiations with Putin or repeated statements by the owner of 1 + 1 oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky that civil conflict is occurring in our country might be called so.

The situation with NewsOne has two aspects that go beyond the conflict around the television “bridge.” And they are directly related to the trick of Poturaev. The first is politically applied. Zelensky openly “smashes up” his competitors - The Opposition Platform - and the media resources related to it.

The Platform steals the voices of the Servant of the People in the southeast at a rate of 4-5% per month.

Zelensky came to power as a politician of the "new wave". And he seems not to face so frankly, using administrative resources, to arrange repression against competitors two weeks before the elections.

However, after yesterday’s incident in Boryspil, when Zelensky was roughly expelled from a meeting of a local MP, many overestimated their attitude towards him. He showed that he himself still lives in terms of the "faking system", which he enthusiastically criticized.

The second point is an attack on the very ideology of reconciliation with Russia, which is promoted by The Opposition Platform.

At one time it was believed that Zelensky was jealous of The Opposition Platform because he himself wants to reap the laurels of the peacemaker. Simply, he is not ready to act as quickly as Medvedchuk because of a number of restrictions - obligations to the West, the factor of radicals and fear of losing the votes of Maidan supporters.

However, if this were so, Zelensky would try to somehow replay the “Platform” in the field of agreements with the Russian Federation. Moreover, he has much more opportunities for this.


It was possible to try to release at least some of the prisoners. Or to begin gas negotiations at the level of specialists, even if they do not have the authority, but there is Kyiv’s desire to break at least some ice.

Finally, one could refrain from caustic comments about Russia and Putin, which only complicate the situation.

However, instead, Zelensky is starting repressions against the media. And if earlier Zelensky was able to bypass sharp corners, now they are quite openly switching to anti-Russian rhetoric. And this can hardly be explained by purely electoral considerations.

The country is simply being prepared for the fact that expectations for a change, of course, are in vain. And it will be all the old, albeit with new faces. Well, or not at all with the new ones.

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