Instigator of Babchenko's murder wanted to kill 60 people until autumn

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Participant of the criminal proceeding got acquainted B. Herman in 2015 when he sold arms and equipment to the volunteers
14:39, 11 June 2018

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Oleksy Tsymbalyuk, who was hired by Borys Herman for the murder of journalist Arkadiy Babchenko claimed that the instigator wanted to make out with the whole hit list until the autumn as he reported to BBC.

Tsymbalyuk claimed that in 2006 he joined the priesthood but later the monastery and in 2014 he went off to war. He began as the medic of the 'Right Sector' and then joint the intelligence group against smuggling. Then he got acquainted with SBU worker and appealed to him when he got such 'work'.

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Tsymbalyuk said that he got acquainted with B. Herman in 2015 when he sold arms and equipment to the volunteers.

'He invited me to for a lunch on April 4-5. it was a so-called first try of the recruitment. At this meeting, Herman said that there is some group of people, mostly Russians. They hinder Ukraine, the whole world; they are enemies and should be killed and some group of people allocated money for this'.

Tsymbalyuk expressed the interest to know more.

'On April 6 I got the specific proposal on Babchenko'.

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'During the first talk, he said: I have the list of 30 people who should be killed. He said that it is important to work very fast to make it until the autumn. Why until the autumn? I think the prosecution will tell it later', Tsymbalyuk said.

'He asked whether I can to involve other people because it is unreal to kill such amount of people alone. I said: I have everything, groups, let's do it. And the game has begun', he added.

'In a few hours, we met near my house. We discussed and he specified that the issue is about Babchenko. He is a journalist, hinders everyone, Russian, enemy and so on. At that moment, I was in contact with the SBU', he said.

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'I asked for more information. But he could not. He said that I should trace the Kyiv contacts of Babchenko, to establish the place of his resident', Tsymbalyuk said.

However, Herman did not mention Russia, Tsymbalyuk is sure that he was targeted from there.

He named the price for the murder in the sum of $30, 000 after the talks with the SBU on April 9 or 10 and asked for the 50% of the advance.

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'I recorded the first talk with Herman by phone's tape recorder. The profile of Babchenko I immediately sent to the SBU worker. Then I worked with the SBU equipment. Our next meetings with Herman were without phones left at the car. The equipment was on me. I know now that it is possible to put a camera in the button', he said.

Tsymbalyuk and Herman met at the parking of the shopping mall to pass the money. 'I got in his car and we started to ride and talk. It concerned the future victims. He did not say any name but according to him, the list increased from 30 up to 60 people'.

'I got the advance and it is spotted at the video showed by the SBU. He gave me $14, 000. $1, 000 was taken by Herman to buy me a gun', Tsymbalyuk said.

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Then Babchenko was informed on the prepared murder after the pass of the advance.

'Herman rushed me all the time during the texting', Tsymbalyuk said.

On June 1, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko claimed that thank to the staging of the murder of Russian journalist Arkadiy Babchenko, the prosecution got the list of the famous Ukrainian and ex-Russian journalist who should be killed too. Totally, there are 47 people on the list.

As we reported the list of the 47 Ukrainian and former Russian journalists and bloggers was published by the mass media on June 5.

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Later the SBU opened the criminal proceeding due to the publishing of the list of 47 potential victims.

Ihor Guzhva, the chief editor of claimed that the Security Service of Ukraine confirmed by its statementthat earlier published list of 47 potential victims of the Russian special services is authentic. 

On June 6, the SBU confirmed hat the list published in Strana news agency is authentic to the list received within the special operation.

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