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The country celebrates the main national holiday. Today, it marks the 28th anniversary of independence gained in 1991
11:00, 24 August 2019


The official ceremonies timed to the Independence Day are over now. Dear readers, thank you for staying with us on this crucial and solemn day. We, the staff of 112 International, congratulate those of you who celebrate Ukraine's Independence Day along with us.


Members of the March of Defenders of Ukraine reached Mykhailivska Square. A mass for the souls of the perished Ukrainian warriors took place there. People also approached the Wall of Memory on the wall of Mykhailivsky Golden-Domed Cathedral, paying tribute for the deceased soldiers and mourning for them. 


Carrying Ukraine's national yellow-blue banners and pictures of the warriors who gave their lives in Donbas conflict, members of March of Defenders reached Khreshchatyk.

Thousands of people came to observe the procession on Kyiv's main street.


Larysa Sargan, the spokeswoman of the Prosecutor General's Office uploaded a video of participants of the March of Defenders of Ukraine walking down the city's main street. The video is taken from her Facebook page.


The March participants moved from Shevchenka park down to Besarabska Square, then on to Khreshchatyk street.


March of Defenders of Ukraine, August 2019, 3
Andriy Dzyndzia/Facebook

After a 30 minutes-long delay, the March eventually started. Veterans of the ongoing Donbas conflict carry the national flag of Ukraine and their war banners. They march in numerous columns, according to their native regions. Civilians chant 'Thank you!". The column is currently not far from the main building of the National University named after Taras Shevchenko.


March of Defenders of Ukraine, August 2019, 2
Semen Kabakaev/Facebook

The March of Defenders is to about to begin in Kyiv. A lot of people gathered at the park named after Taras Shevchenko; the organizers claim presence of some 10,000 participants.



Meanwhile, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed the decree on the day of memory of the defenders of Ukraine who died in the war for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The day will be marked annually on August 29.


The awards ceremony is over, and so is the official part of the Procession of Dignity. Participants of the Procession of Dignity - the military, athletes and civilian activists gathered in columns and marched from Khreshchatyk street towards the European Square.

Soon, the other notorious event is to begin at the park named after Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv. People keep coming to join the March of Defenders of Ukraine, the alternative and unofficial event organized by the combat veterans and families of the deceased Ukrainian warriors.   


The head of the state rewards athletes and volunteers. One of the most familiar figures is Zhan Belenyuk, the famous Greco-Roman wrestler and the triumphant of the Second European Games.


March of Defenders of Ukraine, Kyiv, August 2019
YouTube screenshot

The president's speech is over. Zelensky now rewards the Ukrainian military men, the veterans of Donbas conflict and members of army's various service branches. Interestingly, Zelensky is not standing on any sort of pedestal or something like that - on the contrary, he stands right on the ground, not surrounded by circles of bodyguards, out in the open. 



March of Defenders of Ukraine, August 2019, 5
Dmytro Lykhoviy/Facebook

President Volodymyr Zelensky holds a speech at Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square. The head of the state started with thanking the Ukrainian military, whose efforts to protect people in Donbas make it possible for civilians in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities to live in peace.

The head of the state remembers some of the most remarkable periods of Ukraine's history - from the first years of independence and a tough economic crisis of the 1990s until 2014, when the country and the nation found itself with Crimea annexed by Russia, and in a deadly opposition to Russian mercenaries in Donbas.


The solemn part of the ceremony is now underway. Members of units of various branches of the Ukrainian military march across Khreschhatyk street. The national flag of Ukraine is being hoisted, as the military choir performs the national anthem acapella.


Ukraine's Independence Day 2019, Zelensky rewards Ukrainian military man
112 Agency

President Volodymyr Zelensky and first lady of the state Olena Zelenska arrived at Instytutska street for the solemn ceremony. The head of the Ukrainian state briefly spoke to fellow citizens, urging them to pay tribute to the fallen defenders of Ukraine's independence. A moment of silence followed.


Volodymyr and Olena Zelensky during opening ceremony of Procession of Dignity in Kyiv, August 2019
112 Agency

Preparations for the government-organized Procession of Dignity in Kyiv are complete. The city's main street is empty yet, but everything is yet to come, it seems.

Meanwhile, 112 Ukraine TV channel's correspondent report that solemn ceremonies will take place in Lviv (western Ukraine) and Kherson (southern Ukraine). Just like in Kyiv, people in these cities will pay tribute to those who gave their lives during the last five years, as Ukraine faced the hybrid Russian aggression.


This year, the order of celebration is entirely different from that of the previous years. Two major events are planned instead of the traditional military parade. The Procession of Dignity is to kick off at 9.30 a.m., and the March of Defenders of Ukraine will begin at 11 a.m. The downtown Kyiv will be crowded with people, and law enforcers took steps to limit the car traffic; 13,000 police workers are maintaining the public order.


For Ukraine and Ukrainians, August 24 is the day like no other; the nation celebrates the Independence Day. This year marks the 28th anniversary of that memorable date, which has been observed annually since 1992.

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine surely gets most of the attention in terms of public celebrations and ceremonial events timed to the Independence Day. As this beautiful holiday is always something to celebrate, we invite our audience to spend some time with us and follow the events during this online broadcast.  

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