In two years Zelensky became outsider inside and outside Ukraine. Miserable way from 73% to absolute zero

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during two years in power managed to do so much that it is a scary thought what he will succeed to do during the remained three years
16:10, 15 April 2021

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during two years in power managed to do so much that it is a scary thought what he will succeed to do during the remained three years.  Zelensky succeeded to completely destroyed relations with political circles both inside and outside the country, transforming from the ‘hope of the nation’ to ‘political clown’, who will not be perceived seriously in the world.

It is confirmed even by the fact that three countries – France, Germany and Russia preferred to meet without Ukraine but to discuss Donbas's case.

Any more or less serious international politician will come to his Crimean Platform. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen answered with official refusal, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also hardly to visit this event not to ruin already tense relations with Russia. Others, most likely, will send small workers from the embassies. It is the international perception of Zelensky.

Trying at least inside the country to restore his diving rating, the president turned the National Security Council into the punitive and repressive body that destroys its own citizens and mass media introducing sanctions against them. Only because they dared to criticize the activity of the authorities! Meanwhile, the sanctions are imposed absolutely illegally as all human rights activists say.

Thus, lawyer, candidate of legal sciences Vasyl Smetana said that according to the Ukrainian legislation, “the imposing of sanctions against Ukrainian enterprise or a citizen of Ukraine should be obligatory precede by court’s decision that convicts a particular person for a criminal offense that fit under terrorist activity or court’s decision on inclusion of particular person on the list of people tied with holding of terrorist activity”. Did anyone see the decision of the court toward any of the Ukrainians from the sanctions list? I did not. As everyone else.

Everyone criticizes Zelensky for such blatant violation of all conceivable laws. Only imagine, during two months, the world media made about 10,000 (!) publications in which international politicians and experts condemned the vigilantism of the Ukrainian leader. What image Zelensky will have at the world arena after such actions? Wise politician or local despot? Personally, I vote for the second variant.

Even inside the country, no matter how he tried to carry the face of an ‘irreconcilable fighter against corruption', the attitude toward Zelensky deteriorates with every day. The usual person will not pay for utility bills with a sanctions list and will not eat shrill denunciations. Considering the fact that during the recent months the bills has increased sharply followed by all goods, including most demanded – I am afraid fabled old woman from the pre-election video of Zelensky will get not the only one heart attack from stratospheric prices and pitiful pension.

No matter how Prime Minister Shmygal indoctrinates usual Ukrainians that the economy grows and some percentage of GDP increases, the reality looks a lot different. Endless lockdowns and restrictions due to the coronavirus lead to the closing of thousands of enterprises and businesses all over the country. People protest, block roads because they have no money to live. At all. However, it seems that it cannot be seen from the windows at Bankova and Hrushevsky Streets.

It could take place absolutely differently. We would forget about the coronavirus epidemic like a nightmare, if Zelensky, abating his pride, agreed on a plan of Chairman of Political Council of Opposition Platform - For Life Party Viktor Medvedchuk. He agreed that the Russian Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology will pass technologies on the production of the Sputnik V vaccine to Ukraine. The vaccine is massively purchased by the leading world countries. While our authorities collect remnants of unverified low-quality drugs from China and India by which Ukrainians refuse to vaccinate; people recover, while countries overcome the coronavirus. We could also follow this scenario, starting the production of the vaccine since the beginning of April and vaccinating all populations with the quality drug. But pride and envy of Zelensky overcame common sense. As a result, the whole country merges deeper and deeper in another lockdown.

The absence of common sense and envy is commonly the characteristic of our authorities. Otherwise, how the fact can be explained that Zelensky refused from his own citizens who languish in torture chambers of occupied Donbas? The issue is about four Ukrainian women about whose release Medvedchuk has agreed. At the end of January, they could be at home with their relatives. But their release was blocked by the Ukrainian side. Such a step cannot be explained rationally. If Zelensky was a real government official, he would be the first to meet the Ukrainians at the airport.

However, this fact as many others that I mentioned show us that we are ruled not by a president for two years but an unsuccessful parody on him.

Ihor Valsky

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