How and why Ukraine reorganizes its police again?

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As a result of the changes, almost 1,000 leading positions were cut, but the number of police officers would not decrease
12:03, 12 February 2021

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The need to change the structure of the police is associated with the new administrative-territorial structure. In Ukraine, instead of 490 regions, 119 were created and another 17 - in the temporarily occupied territories. Therefore, it became necessary to adapt the location of the police units in accordance with the new areas.

At the same time, the number and density of the population in a particular area, the load, and the distance to the district unit of each individual police body were taken into account. The subtleties of service in a particular area were also taken into account.

"For example, mountainous areas may not be numerous in terms of population, but the distance between households can be up to several kilometers. Add more complicated travel conditions here - and a police squad can get to the call for several hours. Not because the police did not respond in time, but because this is the geographical feature of this area. The structure had to be changed in order to have a balanced police presence in each settlement," Ihor Klymenko, the head of the National Police, said.

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132 district police units were created – departments, divisions, and sectors of police activity. At the same time, police departments are divided into two types: where there are an investigation and a criminal investigation department, and where there are only bodies of inquiry and prevention.

This is due, among other things, to a change in the law: in Ukraine, minor crimes are now criminal offenses that can be investigated by community police officers, a district police officer, and a juvenile prevention officer. And besides, there are areas where the population is small and the crime situation is calm.

“In territories with a small number of registered crimes, grave and especially grave crimes are investigated by the regional and district police bodies, so it is not advisable to leave an investigation and a criminal block there. Moreover, all divisions have response teams of the patrol police who come to the call first. only if a crime is detected, an investigative and operational group is sent to the scene, which can quickly get from the neighboring police department," Klymenko said.

In turn, the police sectors are small police units where there will be only prevention, that is, response teams that promptly go to calls at 102, as well as district police officers who work directly with the population.

A single security space will be created on the basis of each district. If earlier territorial subdivisions were separate structural units and performed tasks in separate territories of administrations, departments, or divisions, now the regional subdivision will remain the main one, and all structures are subordinate to it.

Thus, the head of the district unit will be subordinate to all police squads and response teams in the district and he will himself determine where they will be deployed. Community police officers will also report to him.

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At the same time, the National Police notes that the number of territorial subdivisions has not changed, there are still 646 of them. There will be no redundancies either (about 1,000 leadership positions were cut, but they were transferred to those services that most often communicate with the population). "We save people. If an employee is decent and conscientious, then there will be no questions to him. But if he wants to work dishonestly, then we are not on the way," Klymenko added.

As a result, the structure of the police is as follows: 26 main directorates of the National Police, 132 territorial divisions, 299 departments and divisions, 74 divisions of the 2nd category, 141 police sectors, and 498 police stations.

The new model of the organization of police work will ensure a balanced police presence throughout the country without turning Ukraine into a police state.

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