Martial law restricts home inviolability, right to education, entrepreneurship in Ukraine

Source : 112 Ukraine

The rights and freedoms provided by eleven articles of Ukraine’s Constitution could be restricted during the martial law imposed in Ukraine
19:43, 26 November 2018

Presidential Administration press office

The order of President Petro Poroshenko on the imposing of the martial law presupposes the restriction of the freedoms of the citizens.

“Due to the imposing of the martial law, the rights and freedom of the human and citizen provided by the Articles 30-34, 38,39, 41-44, 53 of the Constitution of Ukraine can be restricted temporarily for the period of the acting of the martial law as well as the temporarily restriction of the rights and legal interests of the legal persons within the limits and volume necessary for the provision of possibility of imposing and holding of the measures of the legal regime of martial law provided by the first part of Article 8 of the law “On legal regime”,” the message said.

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The issue is about such rights and freedoms:

Article 30. Each person is guaranteed the inviolability of the home.

Article 31. Each person is guaranteed the privacy of the phone conversations, telegraph, and other correspondence.

Article 32. Anyone can suffer from the interference in the personal and family life.

Article 33. Each person, who legally stays at the territory of Ukraine, is guaranteed the freedom of movement, free choice of the residence place, right to freely leave the territory of Ukraine.

Article 34. Each person is guaranteed the right for the freedom of the thought and right, for the free expression of his attitudes and beliefs.

Article 38. The citizens possess the right to participate in the management of the state affairs, Ukrainian and local referendums, freely elect and be elected to the bodies of the state authorities and bodies of the local self-government.

Article 41. Each person has the right to possess, use and manage his property, results of his intellectual and creative work.

Article 42. Each person has the right for the entrepreneurship, which is not banned by a law.

Article 43. Each person has a right for the labor, which includes the possibility to earn money and labor freely chosen by a person or for which person freely agreed.

Article 44. People who work possess the right for the strike for the defense of their economic and social interests.

Article 53. Each person has a right for the education.

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Moreover, the military command will be able to establish the enhanced security of the important objects, impose the forced labor, use the resources enterprises, to forcibly alienate the property, impose the curfew, establish the special regime of the entry-departure, check the items and transport, regulate the work of media, confiscate the means of the video-recording, ban movement of those who are in the military register, force to house the soldiers, impose rationed provision of the population with products, evacuate people.

Given the tough situation in the area of Kerch Strait in the Sea of Azov, President Petro Poroshenko supported the offer of Ukraine's national security and defense council; it stipulates that the Ukrainian Parliament should consider the option to impose the martial law in Ukraine.

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Earlier, Petro Poroshenko signed an order on the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to impose a martial law in Ukraine.

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