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Read about Donbas conflict, the staged murder of journalist Arkadiy Babchenko, Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainians injured in Hungary, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits Ukraine, Russian Gazprom
22:30, 1 June 2018

Donbas conflict in Ukraine

Staged murder of Russian journalist Arkadiy Babchenko in Ukraine

Ukrainian political prisoner in Russia Oleg Sentsov

Ukrainians were injured in bus crash in Budapest, Hungary

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits Ukraine

Russian Gazprom claims interference in Stockholm Arbitrage decision-making

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Donbas conflict in Ukraine

More bloodshed was observed in war-torn eastern Ukraine this week. The government forces hold their positions, repelling the attacks of pro-Kremlin militants. Both warring sides keep taking casualties from time to time. Most regrettable, so do the unarmed civilians who reside in the combat area; a 15-year-old girl deceased due to the shell explosion in Zalizne village.

OSCE SMM added that since the beginning of this year, more than 100 civilian fatalities were reported in the combat area in eastern Ukraine.

According to the country’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, 240 children lost their lives since the beginning of the conflict in April 2014.

A serviceman of Ukraine's Armed Forces died of critical wounds at the Chief Military Hospital in Dnipro, southeastern Ukraine. The man covered his daughter with his own body, using it as a shield during the artillery attack of Russian militants in Donbas, which took place recently. Thus, he saved her life – at the cost of his own.

A soldier from the 30th army brigade went missing and later re-surfaced – it appeared that the Russian militants captured him. The enemy fighters interrogated him and made a video record with him, where he was forced to say that there are no Russian troops in Donbas. "The statements that the prisoner was forced to make is an attempt by Russian propagandists to persuade the Ukrainian and world community in the absence of Russian occupation troops on a temporarily uncontrolled territory of Ukraine," the brigade added. The brigade’s command promises to do everything possible to release the soldier from captivity and return him to the family.

OSCE observers survived an attack in Donetsk region, as a mine exploded not far from their vehicle. According to the Facebook post on the official page of the OSCE, two incidents occurred on Tuesday. No casualties were reported. According to the OSCE, the fire was opened from the residential quarters in Horlivka, Donetsk region. 

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Staged murder of Russian journalist Arkadiy Babchenko in Ukraine

42-year-old Russian correspondent and writer Arkadiy Babchenko was reported shot dead in Kyiv on May 29.

A day later, while thousands of his Ukrainian and world colleagues were busy gathering his background and quotations and making strong accusations, Ukraine’s Security Service announced a murder an operation and his death – a fake. And Arkadiy Babchenko, safe and sound, showed up before cameras,  together with the Prosecutor General, Head of National Police and Head of Security Service.

In the frameworks of the operation by special forces, the Ukrainian side faked his death in order to investigate assassination attempt, which has been actually planned and prepared beforehand.

The international officials condemned spreading fake information and spoke of possible negative consequences of the staging of the murder of journalist Arkadiy Babchenko.  Now heads of Ukraine's law enforcement bodies to meet G7 diplomats to explain staging of Babchenko's murder.       Meanwhile Ukraine’s Security Service have served an organizer of the attempted murder the charges of a terrorist attack.

The court has announced the surname of the person under suspicion and arrested for two months without a right for bail.

…And ta-da! Here’s what Babchenko says about the special operation himself


Ukrainian political prisoner in Russia Oleg Sentsov

Ukrainian political prisoner detained in Russia Oleg Sentsov agreed to undertake the supportive therapy on 15th day of the hunger strike he earlier announced demanding to release all Ukrainians illegally detained in Russia and occupied Crimea.

Later it was reported that his state is stable.

Ukrainian and Russian officials negotiated on visiting Oleg Sentsov. Lyudmyla Denysova, the Ukrainian ombudswoman talked with her Russian colleague, Mikhail Fedotov, on such opportunity.

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Also, on June 1-2, the international campaign #SaveOlegSentsov will be held in different cities around the world. The organizers say that these days they "will give a red card to the regime of Putin," who illegally keeps people behind the bars. The demand is to release Oleg Sentsov and other unlawfully detained prisoners. The timing of the action is chosen taking into account the beginning of the World Cup in Russia, which starts on June 14.

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Ukrainians were injured in bus crash in Budapest, Hungary

A bus with the Ukrainians got in the car accident in Budapest, Hungary. 28 people have suffered. Eight of them were hospitalized with severe injuries. The bus was moving from Kmelnytsky region of Ukraine. A double-decker bus Setra from Ukraine ran into the 3.5 meters height-protector at the speed. As a result, the upper deck was almost destroyed and there were about 20 people.

Later, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has confirmed the car accident with the Ukrainian tourists in Budapest. The police have detained 52-year-old Ukrainian who was at the wheel of the bus that got in the accident. The Budapest police also reported that the criminal proceeding is opened due to the accident.

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German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits Ukraine

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier came to Ukraine with the working visit on May 29 and 30. According to the press service of the Administration of Ukraine’s President, it was his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, who invited him to visit Ukraine and negotiate.

According to the message, the politicians discussed the issues of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, as well as ways of Germany’s further support for Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The sides paid special attention to the situation in Donbas and the question of deploying the UN peacekeeping mission in the conflict zone. Steinmeier also said that Ukraine should not be afraid of losing its status as the gas transit state – due to the construction of Nord Stream II pipeline. ‘These concerns are groundless’, the German president said.

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Russian Gazprom claims interference in Stockholm Arbitrage decision-making

Gazprom declared there was interference of the third parties in court’s work in case against Naftogaz. So, Russian gas company demanded complete cancellation of Stockholm arbitration decision on a transit contract.

However, Naftogaz-Ukraine is doubtful of whether the Gazprom's allegations about unauthorized influence over the decision-making process within the arbitrary ruling. The chief commercial officer of NAK Naftogaz-Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko is doubtful about the allegations made by PAO Gazprom about a possible external influence on the ruling made by the Stockholm court of arbitration.

As it was reported earlier, Gazprom filed a petition the Svea county court of appeals calling for a full repeal of the court's ruling in the dispute between Gazprom and Naftogaz-Ukraine in regards to their agreement on the transhipment of natural gas.

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