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New law on languages, anti-Russian sanctions, ceasefire in Donbas which is not happening, Railway blockade and Lviv garbage. Read in short!
20:05, 27 January 2017

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Ukraine returns to native language

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a bill "On Language" on January 19. The authors offer to extend the scope of use of the Ukrainian language - in public and social life, as well as in the media.

How the bill effects Ukrainian film-making, media, education, etc? 

The bill puts administrative and criminal responsibility for “multilingualism in Ukraine”.

What laws have been regulating language policy over the last 26 years in Ukraine? Track the history of Ukraine's language legislation with

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What about anti-Russian sanctions?

The whole world speaks of them.

President Donald Trump will speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin by phone this weekend. This will be the first conversation between the two leaders since Trump was inaugurated as the nation's 45th President last Friday. The Counselor to the US president Kellyanne Conway in her interview to Fox News said that the President Donald Trump is ready to discuss the US sanctions against Russia.

Is really President Donald Trump offering Russia to reduce nuclear arsenals in order to create a pretext to cancel the decrees of the anti-Russian sanctions?

And why are the Agramunts’ statements not highlighted by the media

However, he had made a public statement about the need to fully restore the rights of Russians in PACE.

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Crisis in Ukraine

OSCE states that neither of the sides of the Donbas conflict observes the ceasefire.

Beside, the pro-Russian militants did not let into the occupied territories of Donbas 24 cars with humanitarian convoy from the United Nations today, they only allowed one to enter. On Friday the border guards at Novotroitske checkpoint registered humanitarian convoy from the UN during the first half of the day. This humanitarian aid cargo was headed to the uncontrolled territories; it contained building materials and medicines. 25 cars were registered in total and at 17:00, after the checkpoint was closed, the border guards received information that only one car was let into the uncontrolled territory, another 23 had to return to the controlled area without having been given any explanation. Another car stayed in the "gray area" because of a malfunction. All the other 23 cars came through Novotroitske checkpoint and now they are on the territory of the logistics center. 

The shelling continues, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed in ATO area.

The probability of invasion, apparently, is still small, but Ukraine should be ready for everything, especially a bad case scenario. Read the opinion of Alexander J. Motyl, the American historian and writer of Ukrainian origin.

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Railway blockade in Luhansk region

On Wednesday, the Anti-terrorist Operation veterans are blocking the railroad track near the frontline in Luhansk region. They say this is a trade blockade not to let supply the occupied territories with Ukrainian goods and not to let other supplies from the uncontrolled territories backwards to Ukraine.

The actions of the activists raise controversial attitude in the society, yet it is qualified blocking transport lines by creating obstacles which interfere with the ordinary transport operation, which is the subject to a fine in 50 – 150 tax-free allowances or 6 months in prison or a three years restrain

the activists say that they will start blocking other railway sections in the near future, and the automobile roads afterwards in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Scrap metal business on the territory of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People’s Republic" has been successful from the first days, as industrial Donbas has always had abundant resources of metal. Everything was used as a scrap metal: from the traditional covers of manholes and cable to equipment of the factories, whose owners did not take it from the territory of "Donetsk People's Republic".

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Crimean Tatars repressions underway

Lawyer Mykolay Polozov has been detained by FSB officers in the occupied Crimea. 

Another Crimean lawyer Emile Kurbedinov detained in the Crimea may be charged of extremism and a pre-trial restriction might be chosen for him. He was accused of an administrative violation, which was allegedly a couple of social network posts; the posts contained photos and videos from the rally of Hizb-Ut Tahrir organization. Since it was banned in the peninsula by the respective decree in 2014, the court ruled that these materials pose a violation of the Russian law and arrested Kurbedinov for 10 days.  

Russian FSB officers conduct more searches involving dozens of armed people at the members of the Crimean Tatar national movement in the annexed Crimea.

The Crimean Tatars are under pressure again.

Lviv garbage

Lviv is threatened with infectious decease outbreak due to accumulated garbage. The “garbage issue” caused evening protests in the city, leading to blocking the streets. The problem attracted high country's officials - Poroshenko charges government to solve garbage issue in Lviv

The situation is so much untypical for a European city of the 21st century, that leads our society to make so much fuzz about it. So now Lviv garbage has its own Twitter account.

LvivTrash Twitter account

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