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Avdiivka, ATO conflict escalation, Marshrutka detective with pursuit and collapse of bridge in Shuliavka in Kyiv... And as usually - visa-free regime is closer with each passing week.
23:16, 3 March 2017

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Militants shelled Avdiivka non-stop, leaving the city without electricity and water supply for four days

By Wednesday, Avdiivka was almost out of drinking water. OSCE demanded to demine Donetsk filtration station to conduct repair works. Later on Thursday Donetsk Filtration Plant was cleared of mines, but there were still 2.8 thousand cubic meters of water left in Avdiivka water pump station. The city is ready for autonomous water supply now.  

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ATO conflict escalates

Militants increased shelling Ukrainian Armed Forces positions using all kinds of weapons and killing one Ukrainian soldier a day (approximately, oficially) and injuring dozens. Militants continued shelling Avdiivka, a school, kindergarten. Shells also hit private sector.

OSCE SMM records 250% increase of artillery attacks in Donbas.

The increase of the occupant’s military activity may be connected with the arrival of the 61st “humanitarian convoy”.  Russia has been sending so-called “humanitarian convoys” to the militants-run territory since August 2014. Ukrainian border guards and international organizations representatives do not have access to check the cargo in the trucks. 

Apart from that the increase of activity of Russian aviation and movements of Russian military equipment was observed near Crimean border.

Besides, there was an update on the MH17 Bellingcat investigation - they published new data regarding role of Russian officer in MH17 crash.

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After visiting the territory of the so-called "DNR", Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko made several announcements, like direct negotiations need to be held in order to release the POWs, as this will speed up the process. SBU is now planning to interrogate Nadiya Savchenko in the coming days regarding her trip to DNR aimed to visit Ukrainian POWs.

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Marshrutka detective story

A man opened fire and hijacked a shuttle bus in Kyiv on Thursday, March 2. When the attacker threw the driver out of the bus, the passengers managed to get out of it. Pursuit started right after the accident. The shuttle bus crashed an automobile on one of the busiest roads in the left bank of Kyiv, injuring a driver of the car. Then the bus crashed a police car, blocking the road. Patrol police officers opened fire and damaged the wheels and the wind glass of the bus. 

The men left the bus near the railway station, hurt the policemen who tried to arrest him in the leg and ran away to the sleeping area. Kyiv police constructed a facial composite of the criminal. The offender is not found nor detained yet. He was immediately put into the wanted list.

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Self-proclaimed "DNR" "nationalizes" Ukrainian enterprises on occupied territories

On March 1, the self-proclaimed authorities of the “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics” intend to introduce an “external management” of Ukraine-run enterprises in Donbas.

Several big plants and dozens of mines that preserve Ukrainian jurisdiction work on the temporarily occupied territories. They are a part of the DTEK, Metinvest, DonetskSteel companies, according to the agency.

Later it was reported that the "nationalized" enterprises located on the occupied territory of Donetsk region will probably be transferred to the administration of business structures of fugitive Ukrainian businessman Serhiy Kurchenko. This became clear from the intercepted telephone conversation between the "DPR" leader Alexander Zakharchenko and Russian citizen nicknamed "Seriy" published by the Security Service of Ukraine.

The next day “DNR” published the list of Ukrainian companies and their “transitional administrators”.

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Collapse of bridge in Shuliavka in Kyiv

The bridge in Shuliavka has collapsed in Kyiv, exposing the eternal Ukrainian problem – road holes.

The collapse caused huge traffic jams  and several resignations.


Visa-free regime

The Council of the European Union confirmed the informal agreement on visa liberalization for Ukrainians on March 2. This is the first stage of approval for visa-free regime for Ukraine with the EU. The Ukrainian optimism in this issue rose even higher after the representatives of Georgia and the European Union signed an agreement on the final granting of visa-free regime on March 1. Now Ukraine is waiting for the European Parliament to consider the issue of short-term visa abolition for Ukraine on April 5. 

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