Heavenly Hundred list should be halved

Author : Pavlo Kuzheev

Respondent : Olena Lukash

Source : 112 Ukraine

Olena Lukash, ex-Minister of Justice of Ukraine, on Maidan cases
22:11, 19 December 2019

112 Agency

Kuzheyev: Today, Olena Lukash, ex-Minister of Justice of Ukraine, is the guest of the "Big Interview."

What can you say about the fight against corruption, a lot of effort, institutions have been involved in it?

The prosecutor’s office has lost the function of investigation. Accordingly, those cases that were in the prosecutor's office went to the police, to the State Bureau of Investigations, to National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU). This suggests that we need to work harder. And this body received 11% higher funding 35 million USD that NABU received in this budget law.

Then what will happen to the State Bureau of Investigation?

There, under 70%, these are crimes related to evading military service. The organ is really needed, but it also did not demonstrate its effectiveness, in any way. It is difficult to find some kind of body in our state that demonstrates effectiveness when the entire state system does not work.

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December 3, the President’s Office announced five scenarios for Donbas reintegration. The President said that a military solution to the conflict is unacceptable, we should act politically and diplomatically.

I would like to wish success to President Zelensky and his entire team. I wish to do everything so that this war that exhausted everyone would end. For this, I wish they could do everything. And I would propose them to rely on those 73% who delegated them to the government. Do not look back at those who drive into a narrow, marginal, nationalist niche and put red flags around, talking about red lines. And do not come up with any scenarios. There are no scenarios and plans "B". There is only one thing: the Minsk agreements. And no country in the world will accept other scenarios. Therefore, it is necessary to begin a peaceful dialogue, end the exchange of prisoners, promote all humanitarian initiatives, vote Minsk and establish peace. And reintegrate Donbas.

You unveil the case of the deceased of the Maidan. The places of the dead sometimes do not coincide with the venue of the Euromaidan and the Revolution of Dignity. And these people also posthumously received the high title of Hero of Ukraine, and now it turns out that you debunk all these achievements that we have heard about over the past five years.

This is a very difficult question for me. I express my deepest words of condolences to the family and friends of all those who died in that period: protesters and law enforcement officers. I will talk about this, because I believe that we deserve to know truth: the dead and their relatives, and forgotten and loyal law enforcement officers. In the sixth year after the events, we still deserve to know the truth. Unfortunately, in the matter of falsification of Maidan’s affairs, Poroshenko’s team and the Zelensky’s team are accomplices. And quietly ignoring this information, they thereby become complicit in crimes of falsification of Maidan's affairs. Recently, I accidentally got the materials of a criminal case and examination of one woman. She is the heroine of Heavenly Hundred (refers to the participants killed during Euromaidan, - ed.) and the Hero of Ukraine (posthumously). Her name was Olha Bura. After reading the documents, I could not believe that these documents were known to the prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the award commission under President Poroshenko, and after that, the person who went into another world received the status of Hero of Ukraine.

A 28-year-old girl who was mentally ill (she had a 3rd disability group and was diagnosed with a “mild debility”), was registered with the Lviv Psychiatric Hospital, and went to save the country on Maidan. There she volunteered together with other cooks, despite the fact that she was officially diagnosed with hepatitis, tracheitis, etc. Bura was injured in the kitchen, she seeked help from the Maidan’s doctor who, trying to anesthetize her, injects lidocaine, not knowing that she was allergic to this drug. She died instantly, and the cause of death was anaphylactic shock caused by an anesthetic. This happened on March 10, and within a few days all investigating authorities were already aware of this sad cause of death. But six months later, in November, Poroshenko issues a decree, the first decree on the heroes of Heavenly Hundred, in which there are 99 names, and Olha Bura is among them. And it was this story that made me tackle this list. And even the first, superficial analysis showed that 24 people are included in this list in a completely inexplicable way. These are people who died from heart disease, lungs, people who committed suicide, died in drunken fights. I continue my research, and there are many of us: I, Anatoly Shariy (Ukrainian investigative journalist, videoblogger and politician, - ed.) and a group of experts who want to remain anonymous, we collect documentary evidence. I also found five people whose deaths and inclusion are not related to the Maidan either territorially or by period. There are several people who died from injuries. But when you study the case, it turns out that he died from injuries or was beaten by Berkut (former special units of the Ukrainian police and current units of the Russian Crimean police, ed.). But after that, it turns out that he died not from injuries. I have a copy of this person’s death certificate - a natural cause.

This is not just a crime against society, before morality, before ethics, before the pain of the Maidan, which people have in their hearts as a result of this decree the baselessly included and heroized person made it possible for his relatives to receive huge sums of money. Death: 40,000 USD, for heavy bodily injuries – 30,000 USD, for medium ones – 2,000 USD, for beatings – 800 USD. 1 million USD were allocated to buy apartments for the victims- 10 million USD for the entire period. The right to receive land, an apartment, free prescription drugs, 75% discount on rent, utilities, etc. These were government payments, and besides, there were millions of dollars (only Nemtsov’s daughter donated 700,000  euros) of assistance from Ukrainian and foreign philanthropists. And where is the money? In this case, I declare that Poroshenko committed the crime, all the members of the award commission under him and the group of Horbatyuk (head of Special Investigations at the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, - ed.) and investigators, who, knowing exactly the causes of death, having documented evidence, nevertheless allowed unjustified inclusion in the list.

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You talked about revising the Heavenly Hundred. Is this a quarter of the list?

In my estimation, half the list. As for today, we know 25 people whose cause of death is not related to the Maidan, five people have suffered injuries, which, most likely, were associated with the Maidan, another died in some remote places. Estimated: half of the list.

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