Head of Fiscal and Customs Policy Committee tells about bills on Euro-car plates

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Nina Yuzhanina, the Head of the Committee on Fiscal and Customs Policy, hopes that these questions can be put on voting during the session, yet, now everything depends on the Government's reaction, on the Finance Ministry in particular
16:16, 19 September 2018

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91 amendments were added to the bill on new excises for import cars, and 65 to the bill on fines for violations. The consolidated position of the Government is expected concerning which amendments to support and which to decline. Nina Yuzhanina, the Head of the Committee on Fiscal and Customs Policy, people’s deputy from Petro Poroshenko Bloc, said in the lobby of the Verkhovna Rada. 112 Ukraine broadcasted it.

“91 amendments were submitted to the bill on changes of the rate of excise tax. They are different in content, but the majority concerns the change of formula. Most of the amendments concern the cancellation of the age index (of a car, - ed.) or its replacement by the ecology index or the decreasing coefficient to the age index,” Yuzhanina said.

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According to her, there are no amendments to the basic rates 50 and 75 for petrol and diesel-powered engines.

“There are amendments only depending on the engine volume. Most of the amendments and proposals are to make the reduce the excise to €200-300. There are lots of amendments which concern the vehicles with electric engines,” the Head of the Committee specified.

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“65 amendments were submitted to the second bill on amendments to the Customs Code. The worst is that it feels that all the amendments concern the cancellation of those controlled and blocking measures we intended to impose after customs clearance and after the permission to perform customs clearing under the new regulations,” Yuzhanina said.

She noted that the tablets with the amendments were published on the website of the tax committee so that everyone is informed.

“There is no point in considering the amendments till the second reading in the Committee. Working groups, representatives from all the ministries, who will be interconnected within the implementation of these laws and will be performing certain functions, were working on the bills for two years. So the amendments can’t be considered without their opinion. And, most importantly, we have to receive the calculations of the Finance Ministry on which amendments have to be considered and which concern the rate of the excise tax,” she said.

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Yuzhanina specified that the Finance Ministry had to make new calculations concerning all the proposals under the new rates of excise tax.

According to her, that is why the Committee decided to appeal with a letter to all the ministries urging the Finance Ministry to provide a consolidated position of the Government on the matter.

“The ministries have to accelerate this process. On October 2, we are having a session, we will be considering the bill on tax on the withdrawn capital. If till then we will receive the proposals from the ministries, I am ready to consider them. It not, we can have an extraordinary meeting next week,” the people’s deputy noted.

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She supposed that at best, these bills will be ready in early November.

Earlier, on July 13, 2018, on the last plenary day of the Verkhovna Rada’s session, the deputies supported two bills as a basis. The bills are to solve the problem of the vehicles with Euro-car plates which were not custom-cleared. One of them proposes to impose new rates of the excise tax, another – to increase the fines for the violations during the process of transferring a car into Ukraine.

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