Good news on the fight against coronavirus

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As of now, there are 270,098 of those, who recovered from coronavirus
11:10, 7 April 2020

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First, let's start with the obvious things here. The numbers of infected and dead from Covid-19 per day are huge, but we should not forget about another graph of those, who recovered from the virus.

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As of now, there are 270,098 of those, who recovered, including 28 persons in Ukraine.

Moreover, as many countries report, the number of people coping with coronavirus is constantly increasing.

And some cases of recovery can really set in a positive way.

Elderly people are considered the main risk group for Covid-19 disease. But a serious part of these very elderly people by their example proves the opposite.

For example, a 104-year-old Italian has become the oldest person in the world who recovered from Covid-19.

Ada Zanusso, an Italian woman aged 104, has recovered from coronavirus -- making her the world's oldest known survivor.

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The woman fell ill on March 17. She was later diagnosed with coronavirus.

Prior to this, the Italian city of Rimini reported the recovery of a 101-year-old man who had been under treatment for a week, but was later checked out and returned to his family.

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Similar cases have recently occurred in Iran. Iranian patients aged 100 and 106 were cured of the virus.

The good news comes from Italy. For example, yesterday it became known that the number of patients began to decrease in the intensive care units.

Good news also came from Spain. They recorded a decrease trend.

A lot of celebrities, who have become infected with the virus, contribute to the further fight against it.

In particular, not so long ago it became known about the recovery of Pink, who had been previously infected. In addition, she has financially invested in the further struggle for other people, donating $ 1 million.

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What's up with the vaccine? It is being developed, it is being tested in a number of countries, but in general, most likely, it would not appear sooner than in a year.

Almost all countries have joined the search for a vaccine. Which in any case should speed up the process as much as possible. And this, judging by the periodic reports from various countries, actually happens.

One of the latest messages came from Turkey. They tested the coronavirus vaccine on animals. And they developed antibodies.

According to professor Ateş Kara from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Department of Child Health and Diseases, "it's time to check if it can help people."

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Authorities turn to the citizens. First of all, they inform on how the country will live on and what specific measures will be taken.

But there are appeals that are aimed at moral support for residents. Such appeals often come from the monarchs.

In particular, Queen Elizabeth II addressed the British. She rarely addressed the British during her reign. But here the situation has changed.

Queen Elizabeth II expressed the hope that in the future everyone would be proud of how the British met these difficulties.


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