Georgians involved in Euromaidan shooting, - Italian mass media

Source : 112 Ukraine

The journalists in the video interview three people who present themselves as Koba Nergadze, Kvarateskeliya Zalogi and Aleksandr Revasishvili
16:13, 20 November 2017

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The film-investigation where a few people call themselves Georgians and confirm to be snipers who shot the protesters and the law enforcers in February 2014 during the Euromaidan was published by the Italian internet-portal Gli Occhi Della Guerra.

The film showed the anchorman of the Italian 5 TV channel that is the top asset of Mediaset S.p.A, the media holding owned by Silvio Berlusconi, the former Prime Minister of Italia. Gli Occhi Della Guerra founded in 2013 that specializes in the military news is also connected to Berlusconi.

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As it is known, Berlusconi is a persona non-grate in Ukraine. The former Italian politician called himself a friend of Vladimir Putin and visited occupied Crimea. Party of Berlusconi is determined as Eurosceptic due to the fact that it urges to lift the sanctions against Russia and approach Europe and Russia.

The journalists in the video interview three people who present themselves as Koba Nergadze, Kvarateskeliya Zalogi and Aleksandr Revasishvili. The journalists claimed that the interview was taken in summer 2017 in Skopje, Macedonia.

‘The story begins in Tbilisi and there are a lot of involved person behind the curtains. The first one is Mikheil Saakashvili, the former President of Georgia. The second is Mamuka Mamulashvili, the military adviser of Saakashvili. He was sent in Kyiv support the protests in Maidan. Later he became the leader of the Georgian volunteers the ‘Georgian legion’ that will participate in the Donbas Conflict’, the film said.

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Koba Nergadze confirmed that he was an officer of the Security Service of Georgia created by Saakashvili and showed his ID. Kvarateskeliya Zalogi claimed that he was a member of the pro-government ‘United National Movement’ during the presidency of Saakashvili. Aleksandr Revasishvili presented himself as a former military of the Georgian Army, the expert on sniping. ‘Mamulashvili called me and asked whether I am a sniper. He asked me to go to Kyiv. He said that we need such people as you are’, Revasishvili said adding that he got 1 000 dollars during the meeting with Mamulashvili. ‘He promised to give me 5 000 dollars later’, Zalogi confirmed the information of Revasishvili.

‘Our task was to provoke ‘Berkut’ to make them run counter the protesters’, Revasishvili said.

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‘It was on February 15 when Mamulashvili visited our tent with a man in the uniform. He introduced him to us and said that he is a former American soldier and he would be our instructor’, Revasishvili claimed.

The journalists claim that the issue is about Bryan Boyenger, the former sniper of 101st Airborne Division of the US. Later he became the soldier of the Georgian legion.

People who called themselves Georgians confirm that they were members of a few detachments armed with the firearms situated at the ‘Ukraine’ hotel and at the Conservatory during the escalation in Maidan. Also, there were the citizens of other countries, including the Lithuanians.

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Sergy Pashchynsky, the Ukrainian MP is claimed to communicate with the Georgians. He led the snipers to the Conservatory. The people that accompanied the MP gave the mercenaries the arms. ‘Only Pashchynsky always talked to us. Nobody else delivered us the orders. Once he asked me to point the most favorable for the shooting, supposedly to defend from the police’, Revasishvili said.

‘Nobody told us to kill people. We had to shoot to create the chaos, disorder and panics. It did no matter where to shoot. The shooting itself was important’, Koba Nergadze added.

Revasishvili claimed he was ordered to shoot at everyone, including the officers of ‘Berkut’ and protesters during the escalation in Maidan. The man also claimed that his colleagues were outraged by this order and treated this as the provocation and did not shoot. However, according to him, soon the first wounded and perished from the firearms occurred in Maidan.

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Then they were ordered to leave the building of the hotel. ‘I understood that we were set up. It was a setup’, Revasishvili said.

Vadym Rabinovych, the Ukrainian MP also talked about the Georgian snipers in Maidan last week. ‘Tristan Tsytalishvili reported that the snipers who shot at us in Maidan were supported by Saakashvili. Aleksandr Chykaidze, the Minister of Foreign Affairs claimed that he personally knows the surnames of the snipers who were sent in Kyiv by Saakashvili’.


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