From Knowledge Day to Elevation of the Holy Cross: Important dates of September

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The detailed calendar of holidays, weekends, and memorable dates in September 2021
21:50, 31 August 2021

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The last month of summer comes to the end and hands over the baton to the first autumn month – September. As usual, the new holidays, memorable dates, and, of course, weekends are expected.

Eight weekends this month

September will not present the Ukrainians with the official state weekends. Only traditional Saturdays and Sundays are expected.

September 4,5,11,12,18,19, 25 and 26 are weekends.

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Anniversary of the beginning of World War II and not only

The autumn traditionally starts with the International Knowledge Day that is celebrated in Ukraine on September 1.

Moreover, the 82nd anniversary of the beginning of World War II is marked on September 1, 2021. Exactly on this day, in 1939, the German troops attacked Poland.

The main holiday is the day of the end of World War II - September 2.

The basis of the holiday is the Japanese Instrument of Surrender signed on September 2, 1945, on the board of the American USS Missouri. According to the Instrument, the military actions of Japan stopped immediately and it meant full and final end of World War II.

World War II
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On September 4, 1991, the yellow and blue flag was raised over the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the first time since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

On September 8, the International Day of Journalists' Solidarity is celebrated.

On September 9, the world celebrates International Beauty Day. In 2021, the Ukrainians will also mark the Day of Tester and Graphic Designer's Day.

September 10 is the World Suicide Prevention Day.

On the second Saturday of September (September 11 in 2021), the Ukrainians will celebrate the Day of Ukrainian cinema and the Day of Physical Culture and Sports.

September 12 is remarkable by the Day of the Oil, Gas, and Oil Refinery Industry Workers and Day of Tank Crew Member.

On September 13, Ukraine will celebrate Programmers' Day. Besides, it is also celebrated in 20 countries, including Germany, Brazil, India, Israel, and the U.S.

The International Day of Democracy is celebrated on September 15.

While, the Rescuer Day is marked on September 17, annually.

On September 18, we have Day of pharmaceutical worker and Day of Inventors and Innovators. September 19 has a very unusual holiday – the Day of Smiley Emoji.

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In 1982, Professor of the Carnegie Mellon University, Scott Fahlman offered to use three symbols (two spots, hyphen, and closing bracket) for the first time for representation of the smiling face in the text on a computer.  

September 21 – the International Day of Peace.

September 27 – the World Tourism Day and the Day of a pre-school teacher.

September 29 – the Day of Remembrance of Babyn Yar victims.

Babyn Yar is a ravine in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and a site of massacres carried out by Nazi Germany's forces during its campaign against the Soviet Union in World War II. The first and best-documented massacres took place on 29–30 September 1941, killing approximately 33,771 Jews. According to the other sources, almost 150,000 Ukrainian Jews were executed by Nazis during five days.

September 30 – is the International Translation Day and All Ukrainian Day of Libraries.

Church calendar

Besides, the national and professional holidays, September is full of important religious dates.

On September 11, the Orthodox Church and all believers remind of the martyr's death of Saint John the Baptist. This day is called the Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

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One more important date in September is the Nativity of the Theotokos. The religious holiday of the Orthodox Church in honor of Mary, mother of Jesus, is one of the Great feasts in the Eastern Orthodox Church. It is celebrated on September 21 by Orthodox Christians annually; while the Catholics celebrate it on September 8.

On September 27, the Orthodox Christians celebrate one of the most important and worshiped holidays. It enters 12 main feasts – the Elevation of the Holy Cross.

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Of course, the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is celebrated in September. This year, in 2021, it is marked on September 6-8.



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